Another build from Finland (inflatable)

Yes, the middle compartment is waterproof. The lid has a small crown (pre-bend) in order to introduce more pressure against the seal in the middle.

I have not used the 25A charger yet. I’ve only charged with 5A to get the cell voltages closer to each other (0.2 V difference now).

That is a great build and well put together.

How much does the middle part weigh? I bet that is a lot lighter than my Alu tub. Keep hold of those molds. You could sell a few of those carbon tubs. I would like one!.

Thank you, Ben! Your project was one of those inspiring me :slightly_smiling_face:

The weight of my box (empty) is about 3.5 kg with the lid.

I didn’t follow up the cost very accurately (carbon, resin, small parts etc.)

My estimate for the total cost is approximately 3000 euros.

Im glad i was able to help.

I love your mast mount and duct. None of mine have lasted well. would you consider making and selling another.

So you process was:

  • 3 printed moulds, then prep them
  • then carbon, 5mm foam then carbon again
  • vacuum bag.

Build looks good. How easy is it to get the hatch through the hole in the board?
How big is the overlap compared to the hole in board?

@palsi63: Realising i almost have no space for my board at home, looking at inflatable ones. How much did you pay for your board?
I’ve seen similar for 2000usd on aliexpress which i find crazy…

Inflatables normally range from $250 - $800 depending on who, where and the materials they are made from…

Which inflatable board would you recomend if you would buy one board today? If possible from Europé to get a quicker delivery.

I’ve actually designed my own boards as I thought all the others didn’t look that great and I wanted slightly different sizes. I have the first prototype which needed a few changes and then I should be receiving the final design shortly.
Once I am happy and have tested the boards I might do a few production runs depending on the interest.

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@Jezza: I’d be interested in one if you do some protos and want it driven. Not really needing the bling factor of a serial looking board, just riding.

I promise i’ll build it into a nice assy and pretty quickly too :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, that was my process 600 g/m2 carbon + 5 mm foam + 600 g/m2 carbon.

The hatch edge is overlapping 42 mm on top and 55 mm on the bottom side. At first, it seemed impossible to get the hatch through the hole. After cutting the front compartment open it became very easy, though.

My method to fabricate parts is very time consuming and the quality level is “home made”. I have no plans to make any extra parts, sorry :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I studied your design for quite some time until I understood that with this open space between top and bottom on one side, you can pull the box over the board if deflated and it will hold when inflated. Quite clever. I chose a different approach as your solution didn’t come to my mind when Building my box.

Hi Palsi63,

very nice build !

Would you mind sharing your Aliexpress supplier for the inflatable board? The only one I have found only sells them at quantity of 10+ which makes them to expensive for a single build.

I would also love to have your 3D printed .stl files, and to have a video showing how you install the box in the board, then inflate it, and show the inside of the box with the batteries and how you close the hatch, if you are open to other taking inspiration from your work of course !

Thank you !

Hello Nicolaje, about the AliExpress supply, I bought one board like Palsi63.
I’m building the box now.
But the contact of them is:

€ 1.915,04 7%OFF | Tabla de surf inflable de papel de aluminio, tablas inflables de papel de aluminio de 5-9 pies

You need write a private message to the supply to tell them the size, quantity, and color.

How much was the price?

Hello, 340€ + Spain taxes 50€, Total 390€

Thanks, Is this for off the shelf board? with or without shipping?
Could you adapt geometry if you wanted to? I’d like hole to be more backwards

The price includes the shipping costs. And the board is like the first photo. The board not have anything. If you want the hand holder, you will shop in other supplier like for example this:

Vamos a ahorrar juntos en AliExpress con cupones de nuevo usuario.
¡Toma € 1,79 en cupones!

The central hole, I’m agree with you, I would prefer to place more in the rear of the board. But with this AliExpress supplier by this moment is not possible.