Another build from Finland (inflatable)

I started to order parts for my first efoil build in February 2020. After reading about different alternatives from this fantastic forum I decided to go for an inflatable board.
The inflatable part was shipped from China.

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I studied different options for the “box”. I made the frame of two halves which means that I had to print 16 mold pieces for the whole frame.

The actual frame was then laminated with carbon fiber and epoxy (sandwiched with a 5 mm foam core to gain more stiffness).

Then laminating those halves together :slightly_smiling_face:


Still needs some finishing…


I was concerned about the strength of the 3D printed (plastic) mast clamps. So, I took a bit different approach :thinking:

Again, I used printed molds for the mast clamp cover.


The inner

…and outer duct frame piece being laminated

…and then glued together with epoxy

Feels extremely stiff :smiley:

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65161 120 KV motor and Seal 300A Opto ESC. (The motor was later changed to a threaded shaft version).

A Chinese 14S x 14P battery with a bluetooth BMS and a 25A charger.

Well proven RL wing and FR prop.


And the board finally ready for testing :sunglasses:


I finnished the build last weekend. My wife took some video of my first attempts to fly it but those are so embarrassing that I rather publish this instead (my 3rd day with the board).


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Good job fast and clean topic lot of works specialy for the box.
can you says about the prices parts becausea think it s the good combo for
travelling . nice wing !

Did you water cool the ESC? If so, do you have some pictures?

Yes, the ESC is water cooled. You can see the clear plastic hose in the mast clamp photo. The water comes out from a pipe at the bottom of the box. No pump needed.

Hi! What is the size of your box?

Really nice! Is the box fully waterproof? And how long does it take to charge the battery with that 25A charger?

Gotcha. Thanks for the explanation. That’s great it works without a pump. Really nice job on the build!

The inside dimensions of the middle compartment are about 273 x 420 x 95 mm.