Very slow build from France

  • the board is well design even if the battery case could have a little bit wider I will try to fit my case : hpr2350

  • the shape is nice , going smaller for this king of board will have no sense, I guess it will be harder to bounce back on the water then older board …

  • very happy with weight I will try not to go too heavy with the box to keep every thing around 20kg …

  • overlapping layers are not perfect but I guess it is hard to do it

  • quality is here , very rigid and probably enough for what I need now

  • shipping has I asked since I was in vacation , you can buy this board eyes closed and you will have a nice and true costumer service

I will try to update I test it this year ( hopefully) but I take my time on this build …

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He has understood that:
1- it’s free advertising for the brand in diY forums and in the places where the activity is practiced
2- the customer is paying to do that.

He showed me the design/renderings this spring and I was kinda upset that he had 1cm longer/1cm more narrow hole, so it does not fit old gen boxes that i’ve invested a shitload of time into.
Anyways the message then was that he would only sell complete efoils first and we DIY people had to wait until autumn. Well actually looking out of window in Sweden, autumn is probably here, so perhaps he was correct. Hope you like it! I ride my 190L more than the 140L, mostly for conveniency since it rides better at 5km/h in and out of harbours. Also the 190L takes lift with 2/3 of the current, but I’m a fat dude…

The short Mala Board ist 2, 5kg
Greatings Frank


So happy my box fits !
Just 4 quick release on 2 plates and go

So I am rebuilding my 30q battery pack , from the last one … with spacer for the hprc 2350 case


You inspired me with your posts and I ordered a Phoenix too.
Based on my request Pascal added the exact measurements of the box opening to the boards.
You find it under attachments for each board.


Hi Alexandre, if i am right the Amazon link you add is for 100mm long enclosures. The ones on your pic are much shorter , right ?image

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@Wingaddict New link ( out of stock )

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Thx so much, the connectors should arrived tomorrow…
Great inflatable board you have! Each time I think I have found the best option for my board you come up with a better one…it looks like a never ending story.
Have you enough room for both the battery case and the ESc case in your inflatable ?

Were you able to make any more progress with your inflatable build?
I was curious to see if the battery I’m currently building, 14s10P 21700, would fit and it looks like it will with some room to spare

How do you intend to make your magical red ring ?

I’ll 3D print the red ring and then cover it in carbon/glass and use top and bottom gaskets and a carbon plate for the top and an anodized aluminum plate for the bottom as a heat sink for the controller and mast mount. I’m sure details will change but that’s a preliminary plan. I’m sure I’ll think about a hatch too at some point but screws aren’t bad.

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Hi Willy,
I did something very similar => MIKEs inflatable FANATIC build
Make sure that the whole thing fits into the board before pumping it up.

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Good point, I failed with a similiar design, coudn‘t put it in the board.

Thanks for the info Mike, very nice build too, I’m planning on waiting to build anything for this until I actually have an inflatable here. It’s been a lot harder to source one that I’d want , no one seems to want to sell them or they are terminally out of stock. I may have found one so hopefully I can start on this once my other board build is underway.

Is it new ? What about UC Sports on AliExpress ? Same company:
Sample at 240usd : Hot Inflatable Foi Board Hydrofoil Surfboard Inflatable Paddle Hydrofoil Efoil Boards For E-foil 5ft-8ft - Buy Inflatable Foil Board,Inflatable Sup Paddle Board,E-foil Board Product on
Sample at 220usd: New Inflatable Hydrofoil Foiboards Foil Boards Surfboards Inflatable Paddle Hydrofoil Boards 5ft-8ft - Buy Inflatable Surfboard,Inflatable Foil Board,Hydrofoil Board Product on
It should be possible to order a model with the electric box 20cm more aft, this one being quite centered.

@SoEFoil It is a new one , the same Whimsifoil 140L that @Alexandre posted above. It just arrived yesterday. I never really liked the Alibaba boards shape or layout and didn’t want to order 10 or them to get a custom layout one from them, after my wife said they kind of looked like a toilet seat that killed it for me too.

Hi Willy, it’s a bit late since it arrived yesterday but in fact many forum members have bought a 160usd “sample” from the manufacturer I mentionned above. So satisfactory that this European efoil shop has been selling the above model since 2021 … but the selling price is not the same…

They say that until they try it

Thanks @SoEFoil , Wife has no interest in trying one out so if she thinks the more expensive one looks nicer , who am I to complain or question her? :grin: I really started out wanting to get one of the MALA boards but I could not source one and the ones I could find were not for sale. I believe that I found the factory that made them but I’ve had issues with ordering custom things from eastern Europe in the past so if the Whimsifoil didn’t work out I was going to have one custom made in Florida but I never got a final price for it but it wouldn’t have been cheap.

Another brand selling inflatable boards: - the boss is French and ships from UAE.
Not sure they sell “board only” though.

Regarding your project, you’ll enjoy this 2020 thread: