Anti-breaching system

Hi, I think the most difficult thing about foiling is keeping the right height from the water. When it is a little too dark or the water is super clear, the distance can be almost impossible to judge.
When I get too far above the water, I always plunge forward.

I recently watched this video. Do you think this could work for e-foil?

Hard to say, I haven’t seen anyone trying. If you add air, you loose thrust. The question is wheter you can get enought air down to the propeller.
I chose a different aproach for this problem, see here: Daniels (un)geared inflatable (slowly built) - #87 by sat_be

instead of visually indicating height did you consider a haptic indicator?

It would be sooo nice if someone could opensource a simple ios watch app that talks to ESP32 so we could send bluetooth packet to trigger haptics to a watch.

If you are building for your self and will use the device lots, then those types of things are solutions looking for a problem.

Get a decent learner foil wing and spend sometime in the water.

Could be useful for rental situations where you want people to have maximum enjoyment in an hour or so, but for your own foil that you will be using multiple times it is not needed.


I have been foiling for about a year, as long as the water has some texture I can relax on the board, no problem.
But sometimes the water is totally flat, and all I can see is the reflection of the sky. Maybe I just have bad depth vision, but I think it would be a great feature for me.
Maybe the suction of the water around the outlet could pull the air down with no needs for a pump, no moving parts could make a reliable system

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Definitely an interesting problem. An idea could be a few led’s to indicate distance. Not sure how they would handle salt water or water in general but maybe a cheap acoustic distance sensor or even a pressure sensor might work in the mast. Just brainstorming but maybe a accelerometer+gyro could calculate how much it has moved vertically?

What about a water pick up on the foil, like that is used for water cooling and then spray the water in front of you for some texture.

I know what you mean about when it is perfectly glassy, it’s almost impossible to tell how high you are on the foil, or even if you are moving. Such an eerie feeling.

I’ve been foiling for over 10 years and still get it, especially in low light on glass waves at sunset of early in the morning.

The led height indicator was actually done by @sat_be. It’s a cool idea!

Yes, I did consider indicating it with a haptic signal on the remote. Th edvantage of the LED display is you can show the height before breaching and touch down in different levels and use colors. Not easy to implement a haptic pattern for that. It would be possible to give a warning before you reach max height though.
The whole system needs to be fast, measure, communicate, react, otherwise you are too late and breach.

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Simplest solution I can think of would be to mechanically provocate a certain sound or vibration when a part of the mast rises above the surface. Have something flapper, whistle, or spin

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I have had that on my mast, by accident😄

The old inlet to my motor wires was taped over when i moved motor further down and it acted as a drum skin, creating a slurping sound when it came above the surface, then it was 20cm left until breaching. Worked well, i miss it.

Now don’t go patenting this folks. I’m disclosing it freely here for everyone to use🫵