Any DIY designs that incorporate Controller & motor together like Waydoo?

Just started looking here last night. Looks like a great community. Are there any DIY designs that incorporate the controller & motor & all wiring in the underwater foil part? The simplicity of that setup appeals to me.

Seems like the controllers are bulky and thus integrating them into the foil is harder and might make more drag?

What is the most compact ESC controller if that is the case. Thanks First question, go easy on me.

A very compact one is the new A200SV3:

With the type of controllers we are using it is very important to keep the resistance between the battery and ESC low. Long battery leads are bad. Long phase wires to the motor are okay.

there are 2 companies that have the controller right next to the motor under water: Get Foil and Waydoo, have not heard of any waydoo controllers dying yet, but maybe that is because they are not visible?

Waydoo’s controllers like to burst into flames. This may or may not be as a result of failure due to this design choice.

Yes, with a battery as well (if needed) :
'Boost Surfing FIN greatly inspired by Efoil - #18 by Hiorth

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wonder if the waydoo controler burst into flames because the person ran it above water which is not recommended?

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A controller should not burn because of that. A no-load situation creates only a small amount of heat compared to running under load, and it should also have built in overtemp protection. The motor seals, depending on their construction, might not like running without water. Also, if there is a water pump, that might not like running without water.

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Plenty of Waydoo controllers (including mine) working just fine.

I’ve seen pics of 2 that have burned out - of 500++ shipped

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Not right on the motor, but on top of the mast.


2 out 500 is not very good odds when you consider how little use these have had so far due to the timing of delivery and the seasons of the northern hemisphere.

We are design the propulsion system that incorporate controller and motor. The hull diameter is 76mm.
Using customized Neugart gearbox(4:1) and 56114 motor.
The ESC’s diameter is 69mm.
Now, this system can reach 2400rpm at 3kw ( Pacificmeister 's 3 blade) , we want to make the thruster more efficient


Yes that will be the future we already tested this kind of setup as well and it makes the wholes system just simpler!

Too long Battery wires… Is not good.

3 kg’s of capacitors solve the problem :smiley:

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