Boost Surfing FIN greatly inspired by Efoil

ok i undertand nice litle option for surfing or sup!

I backed it a couple weeks ago… i’ll send info when they ship… :slight_smile:

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Im trying to understand something but im no good with power calculations. They are now offering a kickstarter for a SUP version at and saying its not just bursts for catching waves but up to 60 min continuous and up to 11 mph. What am i missing here besides the fact that their videos look speeded up? Is this fin totally different than the surf fin? How is that tiny battery capable of powering it to that speed and for that length of time? If it were true no one would be buying $10k efoils.

Guys, i found a similar product thats on the market now, is this too weak for a foil? Says 6mph for a paddleboard

I just take a look at both products specs. They look identical. Same power, looks like same prop. Same baterry. Design looks slightly different.

I don’t buy it. It’s nearly impossible with this battery configuration. Take a look at third post. Giga explained how they managed to find such a runtime.

I think someone already tested it on efoil. Wasn’t powerful enough, which is no suprise. It lacks of power / torque and shaft speed.


They go through a lot of trouble to hide the runtime.

Turns out it’s about 15 minutes. I’d be surprised if it ends up lasting that long in reality.

It is made to catch waves, not for constant propulsion! I wouldn’t buy this if you want to cruise around assisted!

Yes but it’s painfully obvious that the whole song and dance around runtime is intended to obscure that fact, you really have to dig to find the actual runtime. Most of the demo videos I saw also have nothing to do with surfing, it’s just someone on a SUP without a single wave in sight. Again, made to mislead people into thinking this is some sort of cruising motor.

Just look at the screenshot two posts up: “For SUP and other boards”.

I think it’s a good toy to use on high water on streets under rain :slight_smile: I know places where water flooding streets each strong rain for an years )

Would be nice if they added the seal port for adding external battery pack…

I have a dream …

A while back I put down the $200 to see if this will work, to propel my sup / surf foil in unbreaking waves, allowing me to just barely catch waves that are otherwise not catchable. My hope is that I can mount it to foil mast, get a boost, then once up on the foil and out of the water, no extra drag.

One day I will post a report if my dream came true … I have my doubts, but remain cautiously optimistic.

Something like this ?


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Hey cool…tell me more, did it work? EG enough forward momentum to get up on foil, then once out of the water minimal drag? Looking at this, I now realize one constraint: my mast will need to be longer.

The open prop kinda worries me a little though.

I am working on somthing similar! Here is concept 1, made several changes from this revision, but more or less the same.

There are a few very high discharge cells and I belive combining with a 6383 or 63100 outrunner you should be able to have it lift you all the way up!

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Here is the current progress!
Currently printing the internal structures!

not very proud of the battery but I believe it will work.

Also here is the button I will be using to turn the thing on. It will be connected to an Arduino controlling the motor controller. One-click gives a boost of maybe 5 seconds or so. any suggestions of a durable wire that is easily tappable to the strut ideally OD of 4-5mm?

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For X-reference purpose, there were those projects from @drswitch:
'Submarine Build

and @Peter
'Peters Concept (Bavarian style)

talking to a foil buddy about my maybe-someday boost fin. He suggested it would be cool to pursue some kinda recharging system…eg while paddling back out, the prop spins, adding charge back to batteries. While I doubt that would do much for keeping up with power needs, it’s an interesting concept.