Any interest in a Neugart PLE40 1:5 group buy?

I’ve got a direct line to Neugart here, wanted to see if there is any interest in a group buy? These are the planetary gears that are in @pacificmeister’s latest build iteration with the 500kv sss56104.

I’m seeing a price around $325+shipping. (to confirm)

I’m in Seattle, WA, USA and would be able to ship however people wanted.

Also- if there are any guidelines on ‘trust’ level on this forum, please refer to my account on…

If there isn’t any interest, I’ll just order one myself and build build build!

FYI I purchased a single unit (4:1 ratio) from Motion USA for $325 with 3 week delivery time.

I can help with shipping. I am based in north Germany.

Just a thought while I am falling asleep. Did anyone consider using angle grinder gears? The motor would have to be mounted along the mast. Those gearboxes are cheap though.

i thought of this , watched a few videos on angle grinder de construction and the gears look fairly strong. do you know the motor to disc gear ratio?
cheers David

makita 720watt grinder no load rpm 11.000 !! ANYONE fancy buying a grinder putting a prop on it and doing some thrust tests haha


Hello @cwazy1! I’m building this project, I’ve printed out all the details. I bought everything except the gearbox.
I’m from Russia. the price for this reducer is 900 euros !!! It is very expensive!!! can you send me this reducer? thank you in advance!