Any interest in custom Direct Drive Inrunner

That sounds good. What foil was this on? And what size battery?

Wing during the speed test: Axis S-Series 900 front wing, 460 flat stabilizer wing (coming 2020), short fuselage, 90cm 19mm mast.

Battery: 12S - 2x 6S 22Ah Tattu Lipo. Still the same batteries I have been riding on my first build.

Great work, the foil technology is progressing so fast thanks to you… I am also tempted, very much at the end of January

That sounds great. One thing I missed, do you know motor KV and prop pitch?

Hi @Jezza, KV is a little more than 100, in case it was mine, it has ~175mm pitch :wink:

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Nice work. Any news about the target price?


Thanks guys. great questions and answers. I can wait till the end of January.

Hello, motor looks cool !!!
my eng is bad, i read all this topic, but still have few questions: :upside_down_face:

  1. Do i understand correctly - motor+vesc in box will cost 350-500 usd ? or vesc we need buy separately?
  2. Will you sell prop and duct ?
  3. Can i use it, if my foil is not slingshot ?
  4. End of January is near, what about pre-order?))))

Hi there,
looks like I found this forum just in best possible time!
Interested in purchase, count me in :wink:

Hi all,
it took me quite a while to write this, but it is necessary.
Unfortunately I have to postpone the project and the manufacturing due to different (mainly time) reasons.
Currently I’m not able to supply the motors in the quantity demanded and at the quality grade I’m used to provide as it is “just” a Hobby for me.
I’d like to apoligize at anybody who waited for the motor, and I’like to thank everybody for the great feedback!


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No worries peter! Take your time and do it right.



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we understand and will be patient,
Thank you for the work done

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everytthing is ok, we understand you, its just hobby)

But, can you give us instructions how to make motorbox like your, please?

Thank you so much

Peter, That’s bad news for us, But good news for Flipsky. Thanks for the heads up.

Peter! Did you release the stls for prop duct and mast clamp already or are they subject to change depending on motor outcome?


Hey Rikard, they would be all in one bundle with the motor.


Any news on the project?


Count me in as well, i hope your process is going well!

Hi when can we place the order for this? new build coming here.

Hi @Peter , I’m impressed with your motor design. I’d like to build a similar inrunner motor with higher diameter and lower KV values. Is there any chance I can contact you to ask you a few questions about the design and manufacturing process? The motor I’d like to build would be used in an electric bike drivetrain that would remove the need for a gear changing mechanism (No derailleur or gearbox required).