Any interest in custom Direct Drive Inrunner

Thanks all!
@Jezza: Great, then let us know the detailed figures :wink:

@PowerGlider: The cooling surface on the outside is plenty. Let it run through the motor would make it expensive due to potting and also vulnerable to the process. Saltwater is very aggressive, especially over time, bearings and all the other unprotected surfaces in contact may face severecorrosion.
The back iron depends on the winding pattern, so you can minimize this :wink: Halbach is in my opnion not necessary. If you have deeper questions, you can ask me directly :slight_smile:

@beonwater: Both the magnets, and the rotor are custom made. You can get them from prototyping companies, but it’s expensive in that way… therefore I asked you all, if we can increase the quantity, the price gets lower.:smiley:

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Have you done anymore testing this motor?

Did you made the stator by yourself?

Would it be possible to use another ESC than the VESC? I mean the temperature and current-sensor could be monitored by a main MCU that takes the trottle feedback from the remote and then feed it to the ESC if the temperature is ok.

Hello Peter,
i’m also interested in your motor;)

At the moment i got a YEP120HV and a SSS56114 with a Reisenauer Gear 1:4
All parts are placed in the motortube for cooling,
except batteries and reciever.

But i also prefer a solution without gear.

Maby it’s possible to implement the idea from
Nickw1881 (compact ESC) with that concept…

Hi @beonwater
Yes I’m currently testing the motor in detail. And further motors are being built up to test it on a wider range.
The stator is also designed by myself and has laser cut sheets, which is quite expensive.
For sure would it be possible to read out the sensor with an Arduino or any other. It’s a simple NTC10K sensor.

Hi @Bastian it’s a great idea, maybe @nickw1881 comes back one time to a circular pattern. Space would be plenty in the hub. :wink:

Wow I love this motor! I have “seen the light” regarding circular ESC design. @PowerGlider convinced me to try a rectangular design and it turns out that it is cheaper, less complex, more space efficient, and easier to conduct out the heat.

This design is flat on the back, and so it could be easily put into a 80mm OD tube with a flat milled into it.

I am presently waiting on some additional parts and equipment to test it and make performance charts.

Hi Peter,
Any updates on your motor?
If your motor will be available do you think in the next few weeks or is it longterm project ? :wink:

Hi @nickw1881 sure, I’ll keep it in mind, maybe the base plate would be also a good place?

Hi @MAJA-Board, the testing is ongoing. Hope to finish the most important tests soon.
I’m finalizing the motor housing design and improve the winding strategy to bring a maximum amount of copper in the teeth, as this will improve the efficiency again by one to three points.

Here’s a drive of today, with an older version, but already good enough for stress testing:
This one is made with large wing (slow wing), and a high pitch with large surface propeller (fast prop), so a “bad case” for the motor.
As you can see, I only challenged the VESC six, as the cooling in the testbox was poor (not attached to cooling surface) and the motor current to battery current ratio was high. The temp of the motor was max. at 50°C, so plenty of power potential is available. And this is still not the optimized one. :wink:

Here’s an example of the clamp on version, to get it easily attached with 3D printed parts.

What do you think? :wink:

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Very nice , am i reading this correctly :about 2500w for 31km/h?

Yeah i was surprised too, 40-50 battery amps just before and during 30ish kmph, and thats on 60% duty with “horrible” propeller and whale wing. More juice available i presume :smiley:

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Hello Peter, I am new to the forum. I am also very interested in the inrunnner solution. I was practicing printing parts and planning a build using @pacificmeister generous design ideas with lithium ion 12S15P similar to @Hiorth. I stopped due to I now think that the inrunner (maybe in the foil body) is the idea I prefer. I found this motor that really interested me, but the price is quite steep. prototype inrunner? I would be interested in your inrunner motor too. I have not started my build yet. The more I think the further away it seems! Thank you. A photo of my printing practice… (upload://qYG0wbl6EkThQdPS48yNAhBJJyT.jpeg)

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Hi Peter, I’m new here as well. Definitely interested in getting one of your motors if you produce them.

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Hey @Crow great that you are here! Your printing capabilties are awesome!
Will let you know as soon as I have some motors availbale;-)

Hi peter fantastic work, your data is impressive! What wing and prop are you using ? What is your top speed with your motor?

Hi @jaywade nice to see you here!
Hi @Bender, My current top speed was close to 40km/h, but this totally depends on the wing setup, prop pitch and your fear limit :sweat_smile:
I think 25-30km/h is easy riding, 30-35km/h is sportive and all beyond gets frightening, especially when the water is below 10°C :wink:


40kmh is impressive ! Well done

Hi Peter!
Any update on your project?
I wonder if you did not need to do the annealing process with the stator sheets when you got them cut with a laser?

Hi @beonwater,
The motors for Beta series testing should be ready end of July.
I’ll keep you informed about the status.
Laser cutting is quite expensive. It’s good to produce some samples, but later it should be done by punching tool.
The stacking processes can be very different, welding, punching, baking… With laser cutting they usually just do backing of the bundle of laminations.

Maybe you can come and visit me, so I can show you and we can discuss about the details :wink:

Hi, any news on your project?

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Hi @overdrive, yea, currently ten motors are running in field and stress test. Currently with very good results and no failure. It will takes some time, though, to challenge them for a lifetime equal period.

The next batch is already in planning and I hope to come back to you soon with all the figures, an excellent working and proven Motor.:wink::call_me_hand: