Any tips on the first build?

Hey there,

I’m currently building (collecting my parts on the web) my own E-foil. I have experience with the Vesc and electric batteries and build some esk8 and DIY outboard motors with 15kW motors. The whole surf and foil thing are kinda new for me and that’s where I kinda just go with what I see and read from others.

What my parts list for now is…

Flipsky 200A VESC

Flipsky 100KV inrunner (with the standard prop)

A battery from an electric VW car 25Ah 12s Li-ion capable of 200A no problemo.
10KG 36x12x15cm

An Arduino on a custom PCB to take care of some safety things as lowering the PWM signal to Vesc if the safety cord came off or the BMS gives a low cell voltage. Also, this is going to take care of the precharge and the pump, measuring possible water leakage, temperature, LCD, indication light, and so on.


the Flipsky prop

The board its self I’m going to custom make, I have experience with epoxy, so with seeing some make your own surfboard tutorials I feel confident of trying to make one or maybe two.

My questions

What foil should I use, I couldn’t really find anyone posting some square centimetre value so I just went with something close to the ones from Lift (1300cm2 or 200 square inch).

I found these 3 on Aliexpress but would any of these work? I know that rider experience is a thing but don’t really worry about it since I have some wakeboard/wakeskate experience so if the learning curve is bigger I don’t mind. I’m aiming for a more efficient foil rather than a fast one, so if these appear a bit bigger (+/- 1500cm2) I was thinking that that wouldn’t hurt for the efficiency because of the slower foiling speed.

First, because of the looks.

Second, because of the price.

Third, since its closes to the Lift foil size.

Also, any advice on the Flipsky motor mine is still not shipped so can possibly switch to the 120KV if that would be better.

Thanks for reading my long story and your possible feedback.

Greetings a new foiler.

if there is any interest in the VW battery or PCB just let me know.

If curious for some of my projects and possible project updates.


Hi. First advice: Don’t do it. You will get addicted :joy:
Check also gong galaxy for foils. Good range. for beginners the rise L seems a good choice.

Where do you find these batteries?



For the wing, RL-boards has 2 wings specific for eFoils, 1200cm2 and 1600cm2: and 1600cm210
Carbon wings optimized profile for e-foils now available - #25 by SoEFoil - Foils & Boards -
Both of them work well, it depends on your weight, max speed to reach and battery consumption you want to achieve.

Made in Cech Republic, price is competitive, e-mail is in the link above

Honestly I would go for 120kv motor. It will be better suited for FR prop if you are going for this. Your choice of prop is crap btw. Either print one (several stl are available) or go for FR. Order the motor with threaded shaft!


Hi. Welcome to the forum.

I second that you should get the 120KV motor. And yeah. You’re gonna need a better prop. The FR prop is awesome. Make sure you buy the motor with the correct shaft. And don’t forget to open the motor and fill it with corrosionX.

…sorry guys. I couldn’t help but mention that! :rofl::desert_island::surfing_man::beers: #corrosionXshouldsponsorme


Haha… corrosionX a day, keeps doctor away



ill be sure to check those galaxy foils out. The batteries I buy here in Amsterdam from an electric car dealer, the batteries usually come from crashed or warranty cars so they are used but still good. I buy them for projects and clients so if you need i can get them for you.

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Yeah I know was keeping the FR in mind, the prop I just ordered so I had something to test. Otherwise, I go crazy when everything came in and don’t have a prop :stuck_out_tongue:.
I just changed the motor to the 120KV type, thanks for the tip. The motor schould have the dreaded end on it. The stl you mean any printable prop or an stl form the schape of FR prop??

I am not sure if the cheap prop will fit on the threaded shaft. STL for printable prop. But there should also be FR like props to print around in the forum.

Oh, I kinda thought that that would fit (maybe Chinese fit standards). Otherwise, the lathe will come in. Any thoughts on one of the 3 Chinese foils?

Don’t know about those specific ones but the one I bought on Alibaba 2 years ago is far too heavy. There is much more choice of affordable and suitable wings now. I’d go for one produced in Europe like Gong or RL, they are not more expensive if you include shipping from China and you get real warranty and good quality.

I bought a Chinese foil when I first started. But I don’t see the point now that you can get the Gongs so cheaply. They better and have better resale value. In fact all my masts are now Gong masts with adaptors to different foils.

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Are your adapters printed? Do you have also an adapter to RL wing? Would be very interesting to me!

I mill all my adaptors in aluminium.
RL wing to what mast?

RL adapt to gong mast

No, I don’t have an RL fuselage so don’t know what the measurements are.

Rl on gong mast , just need to drill a hole and use 6-8mm sleeves for the other two
Fuselage needs to be sanded a bit (8-10mm) at the top rear
And this is with the old fuselage , new one may be plug and play ( just sleeves 6-8mm maybe)

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The v1 fuse (2019) should be plug and play with 6-8mm sleeves (no drill) for mast screw spacing ranging from 40mm x 2 (Gong, Takuma, Naish, …) continuous to 51mm x2 ones.
The 2020 fuse won’t accept 40mm x 2 mast types (24 + 21mm > 40mm) and starts at 46mm x 2 (19 + 27mm).

Hi Flightjunkie,
I see your a fan of corrosionX. :slight_smile: I just ordered 16 oz of the product for use in a Flipsky motor. Do you drain the excess fluid or keep the motor full? Have you posted the details process you use for the product? I have looked but have not found it if you have.
Many Thanks,

I’m at the same stage of building as you are and using most of the same equipment. I am using a Naish surf mast, wing and plate that I been foiling with behind my boat using an old wake surf board. I really do like the Naish setup as it allows you to tweak the angle of the rear wing to change the lift.

I believe the Naish mast uses the same mast clamp as the original Pacific design. After that piece, is there a printed part needed to hook the Flipsky motor up to mast clamp? If so, do you have the STL file I could use to print the part. Lastly, I plan to run a duct on my setup. Does anybody have an STL file for a duct that will fit this Flipsky motor? Thanks in advance for all the help this forum gives!