Anybody used VESC with Flying Rodeo motor?

I am trying to use the Flipsky HC 200A VESC with the Flying Rodeo motor unit and and I must have a setting wrong because I can’t get the motor to spin at high RPM’s. I am using a 12s5p battery pack for testing, 12s10p when it’s back in the board. I tried using the vesc tool wizard to auto configure the motor but something must not be right. Any help would be great!

Below are stats and settings according to

Do yourself a favor and use the PC tool.
I goes step by step and shows you all relevant. The app wizard is great when it works, but if it doesn’t you can go down the rabbit hole of expert settings…which is no fun in the app… on a phone screen.

I haven’t used the app before. Just the VESC tool on Mac. But I’ll try and find a PC.

PC and Mac is the same.
Just use the VESC Tool and not any App version of it.

That’s all I’ve used. I don’t even own an Android phone.

So I’ve been able to get the motor to spin fast RPM’s again by changing the firmware.

I also calibrated the Maytech remote. It’s the only thing being weird now. I have to pull the trigger down really far (over 50%) before it starts spinning and when it does it goes full speed. Throttle curve is still set normal. When I try to re-run the wizard for calibrating it it says I don’t have the right firmware. lol

Ok I figured out why it was starting after 50%, the Pulselength center needed to match the Pulselength Start. Now it goes 0-100 between 0-20 on the remote. Last thing before this VESC seems “normal”, haha.

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Got it working by lowering the ERPM limit from 100,000 to 50,000. Not sure why it was set so high.

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Because 130kv x 12s x 4,2v x 8 pair pole= + 52k :crazy_face:

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but the metr in your video is definitely not on a computer.

and this

thats normal, just read the description of current control

Well, if you need the matching firmware/tool

ERPM is to protect the ESC. Too high ERPM kills the ESC. You can also use it to limit RPM, but your start up-fullspeed gets fixed by duty cycle control, not by changing ERPM settings.

I got it all sorted. I didn’t have the wrong firmware or anything. The vesc tool has a bug detecting which version I had (I had the latest) but the real issue was the ERPM. Now the remote works properly 0-100, not 0-20. I would never think that would be “normal” when it wasn’t that way with my Flier 400. Either way, I’m in business! Very excited to get additional data from this VESC.

Could you explain how you got your remote to behave properly, mine is shooting from zero to full rpm instead of gradually ramping up the prop.

In the water? Or in the air?

If you have current control with the prop in air, it will quickly go to max speed because it isn’t drawing hardly any current. In the water it works like how you would expect.

The prop is in the air, and I do understand that there is no resistance for quick acceleration. What I mean is the motor gets to 100% throttle before the trigger does. the trigger is about 30% forward but the motor is pegged at full rpm.

So just like @brycej noted… In a typical VESC setup, the throttle trigger controls amp output. Your motor doesn’t require full amps to reach full speed, especially when it’s in the air.

I’ll try to get the motor in the pool without killing myself and see if the added resistance of the water causes the trigger and ramp-up to behave better.

You could also switch to “duty cycle” mode to test it in the dry. You can calibrate the throttle with the input wizzard. To easily switch between modes, define profiles with the vesc android app or (works on iPhone and Android but you need to buy their module). Like this you can just swipe on your mobile phone to change between duty cycle and current control. Or beginner mode with 60% max throttle. Or whatever VESC parameter you want to change.


@sat_be that actually sounds like a good idea to try, ill give it a go and see what happens.

Yeah good idea on the duty cycle. I did not like the duty cycle feeling on the water though, seemed to be hunting up and down to try and hit whatever it was commanded. Current control felt way smoother.

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We got the Flying Rodeo Motor as well and struggling with soldering on the 5.5mm gold connectors to the white cables. The cables won’t accept the solder, regardless which solder temperature we are using. Any suggestions?