Anyone made or willing to make a 3D printed tail cone file for Lift or Waydoo Flyer One yet that they are willing to share?

Anyone made or willing to make a 3D printed tail cone file for Lift or Waydoo Flyer One yet that they are willing to share?

Q. In what way is removing the prop guard on the eFoil a different experience?

Removing the prop guard and replacing with a tail cone will reduce drag and improve battery life by at least 35%. It is also a smoother and more powerful ride.

sounds interesting! I am trying to picture how you would secure it to the aft end of the prop

What are your specifications?
Need measurements in millimeters
inner hub dim.
Outer hub dim.
Depth of inner hub flange
Length of the cone

I have one I created and can alter it to your specs…

A FlipSky 65161 has a threaded shaft to accommodate an m2 or m3 machine screw.
Not sure about any others…

This video shows what Lift calls the “tail cone” which is the prop guard without the guard that smooths the laminar flow between the motor and the prop.

I can send images with caliper measurements of all parameters to someone who might create the file from that starting place and print me one for a reasonable fee.

Ok it’s a duct your looking for. I have a file you can use but you will have to change the dimensions in a cad program to fit your application.

I want to get rid of the duct and replace with just the collar between the motor and prop
Top image


I can do a quick CAD file for you, if you provide the critical measurements. A drawing would be helpful as well. You’ll need to get it printed elsewhere but there are commercial solutions for that. There are also some private people who provide inexpensive printing services via some websites.

I did that as well. I found one for the FlipSky 65161 6 bolt 65mm on the motor side to whatever the prop measurement is. .5mm gap between prop and spacer. Check my build for pics…

Received your dimensions, motor side will match motor dim. and prop will match prop dim.
Hub thickness will be 21.98mm and will not have a lip.
I noticed in your pics there is some kind of bushing on the motor side shaft opening is this necessary or can it be open enough for the shaft to have .5mm clearance. It might have been used to keep water out of the bearing area, just guessing…

Forgot to mention that you will have to use your duct hub as a drill template for your mounting holes. Your original machine screws will fit the new hub.

Here it is called “Prop fairing” or hub without duct, see @michion one between the Flipsky/Reacher 65151 motor and the FR propeller
'Fr 2019 motor system - #541 by michion

201116 Michion 6 x 6 02

jkoljo - Thank you.

I very much appreciate you sharing the gifts of your intelligence, time, and skills to make my Lift efoil more efficient.

Your first file was test-printed over the weekend and was nearly a perfect fit in all dimensions… There were 3 minor edits that were needed. I look forward to trying the print from your most recently edited file on the Lift later today.

The cowl mainly has the forces of water on it, so it seems like an ideal part to 3D print.


would you guys be willing to share that print? I’d love to try it out as well. Thanks!

Can you post the stl file? Thanks.

Does someone have the file?

Hey, do you still have the STL for this? I’m wanting to print a tail cone for my Lift and this would be a huge help.

Here are the v2 design, step, solidworks and stl files. Sorry for the delays, I have been working on moving to another country and changing jobs :slight_smile: