Anyone ordered this promising but expensive motor+prop unit already?

Did anyone order this prop unit already and can tell us sone details about it? i mean not chinese data dream values but real test facts?

More details like an link please :wink:

Looks promising. Got a link?

$2,725 US?


US $2,725.06 6%OFF | Water Sports Hydrofoil Efoil Electric Surfboard Motor Waterproof Brushless Underwater Propeller With 150A ESC

Life Time is 1.5-2 hours. Why I believe them?


Yea… that’s quite an optimist run time of a 12s 40Ah battery.

Rofl. I just shoot coffee through my nose. Thx a lot :smile:


Why would anybody sell a product like that at that price ?? Flying rodeo is making a far better product at lower price … Why would anybody think it’s a good idea ? makes no sense to sell that +2700$

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Chinese people trying to adopt the Apple philosophy :smile:

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FR motor comes with mast clamps and CNC propeller which will be shipped to you faster than those suppliers on Aliexpress.

Available in various places on Alibaba: here 2500 - 15% = 2125USD with same “free” ESC (-20% wr to 2700USD price)
The 150-170A 12s ESC alone costs 60USD -15%off as well)

Already mentioned by @yargaroo here with same conclusions:

The propeller looks similar to the LIFT one…

9 units sold according to Hobbyporter sale records. Maybe 1 of them is a forum member ?

A few Chinese brands have started to sell efoils with this drivetrain on , ex Rupel Water Sports - complete efoil for 5800USD: