APD F-Series 200F3[X] 14S 200A 60V 32-Bit ESC

Has anyone thought of using this ESC? https://www.getfpv.com/apd-f-series-200f3-x-14s-200a-60v-32-bit-esc.html

Any reason not to use it with the Flipsky 65161 motor for an efoil at 13s? Would of course add water cooling. Probably would benefit from a few more capacitors as well. Interested in this since it seems to be the only capable and reasonably priced ESC that ships from the US.

I have used these esc’s for other applications but with the right cooling, I can’t see why they wouldn’t work.
They are one of the better built esc’s I have used and are mind blowingly powerful for the weight (37g) and size.

I just wish they would build one with all the fets on one side to make cooling easier.


Valeri is using one but I don’t think it’s finished yet but various test have been done.

Do these ESC offer any measuring feature at all ? Any curent limiting features like the VESC do ?

Yes, they will limit current based on temperature to prevent overheating or damage. But I don’t think you can set a specific limit

The documentation mentions telemetry and on board logging but I’m not sure how this is done. There is phase current limiting and over temp protection.

I think everything is preset or automatically adjusts but they do have configurator software to play with stuff.

I don’t have one of these esc’s so I can’t check the software configurator.

To get hold of telemetry data and logging you need to connect a flight controller from what I understand as they are designed for drone use. That’s not really a problem though as flight controllers aren’t expensive. I think they work well with betaflight.

You do need a flight controller to get telemetry, but my question is then what do you do once you have that telemetry? I don’t know of any efoil remotes that are compatible with flight controller telemetry. I have the Flipsky VX3 for instance and I do not believe it will display telemetry in this format (someone correct me if I’m wrong) .

Furthermore, the PPM signal from that remote appears to be different from a “normal” one. The flightcontrollers I have tried (using betaflight, INav, and even cleanflight) all do not recognize it. Not even an Arduino with the PPM library seems to be usable with the PPM signal.

This would be great if it could work because then it basically becomes a VESC, i.e. you can adjust throttle curve and various types of settings.

I haven’t ever bothered looking at the difference between the flipsky, maytech and fesky ppm signals. But perhaps take a look at what fesky ppm looks like as loads of guys fly with the RX’s and betaflight.