Bulgarian E-windsurf-foil project

Hello E-foil enthusiasts !
My name is Valeri Atanasov and I am from Bulgaria.
Sorry for my English, but I will only use Google Translate.
I will present to you my intentions to build an E-Foil on a windsurfing foil board without changing it.
I will first introduce the individual components I have chosen. Please warn me if you notice any major incompatibilities.
Some of the items have already been purchased.

  1. Board- I-99 AERO + PRO 81 182l 210x81sm . He will ride with a rig, and without a rig.
  2. Foil - all aluminum, length of the mast - 75 cm, area of the front wing - 1100 square centimeters, length of the fuselage - 96 cm. Made in our factory.
    3.Motor Flipsky 65161 120kV
    4.ESC - APD 200F3[x]
  3. Battery - 21700 10S , 9 or 8P . Placed horizontally in a special waterproof box with a height of 30 mm. The rider will step on the box.
  4. Remote - by wire to ESC
    I will upload some photos .
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I’m very interested to see how well this ESC works!

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If this ESC works well, then it’s such a great on to place on top of the mast and let the mast cool it!

What’s the post that says processing video about?

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t upload the video.

At a supply voltage of 34.8 volts measured on the fuses, the no-load current is 2.15A, the speed is 3750 rpm.

Very curious as well , my heli esc at time blow up on first the load , but my boat esc less powerful is still working
I am a esc expert but I guess esc strategy for air isn’t the same as water , can it handle high amp at low switching freq (?) , I hope because it has a very compact design

It might not be the same as for water, but with a lot of the heavy-lift drones they fly with low KV motors so this should be able to handle low switching frequency. Here’s the full overview: Overview - APD ESC

Your ESC does look interesting, hopefully it will be fine, I am using an airplane ESC Castle Creations HV160 which is rated to 160 amp.

Do you have to set the switching frequency?

Hello Gazman79 ,
My friend Valentin from another city deals with software and electronics. I installed the power parts.
No data is entered on the ESC. At its input we have submitted PWM: 256 Hz with a length of 1 mS for 0 rpm, and at 2 mS MAXrpm .

You may refer too switching freq of the fets , I believed I read it s auto and up to 32


Ok thanks, yes it does say automatic detect.

The reason I ask is because Castle Creations recommended 16khz for my ESCs PWM frequency switching which I thought was too high, for a 6 pole 120kv motor.

Sorry I don’t want to hijack this thread.


Knowing absolutely nothing about this rather interesting ESC, I figured why not share a random video I found:


Hello everyone ,
Do you think this LG INR21700-M50LT 4890mAh - 14.4A 10S 10P battery is suitable for the 65161 motor, for speeds of 20-25 kilometers per hour and smooth acceleration ?