Are you interested in something like


i’m Miquel from Spain, a few months ago i created the website

esk8builds is a directory where anyone can share their electric skateboard builds (photos, parts, specs) , you can put a link to the building process (for example to this forum)

also you can find a list of providers “shops”

i can make something similar for efoil world, are you interested?



First, congratulation for this website, it’s great !

I think that it’s a good idea but I think that it’s too early or the e-foil world. In one year it will be more interesting and complementary of this forum. It could be a sort of conclusion for a build topic.

Of course, it’s only my opinion.

Nice work and I ageee with @hotwireaddict. Too early and I’d also prefer to see this integrated here on this platform so we can all comment and discuss in the same environment. Most these builds will be discussed here already. Haven’t looked but maybe there is a Discourse plugin for a structured build list like that.

thanks for the reply @hotwireaddict @pacificmeister

Sorry for the misunderstanding, my intention is not to compete with the forum, i want to make something complementary, this is why i allow to put a link to read the building process and join the conversation.

my little experience in electric skateboards says me that new users usually doesn’t like to read large forum threads, they always are asking the same questions and looking for cheapest parts without having idea if they work together…

the idea of the directory is to help people new to this world to choose the right parts to get the a desired speed, range and weight with a certain budget.

we can try it, i can do the hard work of adding the builds, i just only need permission :slight_smile:


this is a first version of the website, i hope this doesn’t bother anyone :slight_smile:

main page

detail view

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Yes bothers me because you posted incorrect info about these builds. Best if you let builders add their builds on their own. Thanks.