[Arue] Efoil project with students

Hi all efoil enthusiasts !

First, huge thanks to Pacificmeister for this forum, and to you all for sharing your builds and ideas ! You are a great help and source of reflection for us.

This is the very beginning of a project made with engineering students from France :

Not a lot of informations on this video, and design has been improved since it has been shot. But we hope you will enjoy and follow us :wink:
More videos coming soon !


Awesome, merci for sharing. Great to hear about your project! It’s so cool to see all this efoil enthusiasm around the world. There is still so much to improve and innovate. Looking forward to follow your project. Keep the video updates coming!


If you guys could help out with an optimized propeller, that would be amazing!

Hi MaxMaker,
At the moment we are playing with Pacificmeister’s parametric model. We use simulation softwares to evaluate the influence of different parameters (diameter, number of blades…) to find the good balance for our project. We have also selected some profiles from airfoiltools.com’s database. But not sure to get enough time for putting them into a CAD file :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hi guys,
We are currently having doubts about our board.
We have a Takuma DBS SUP 8’5". It’s 8’5" (256 cm) long, 30" (76,2 cm) wide and has a total volume of 140 L. I’ve read several threads of the Foils & Boards category but it confused my mind. Some of you use (or plan to use) boards < 100 L, others > 150 L. How did you make your choice ?
I’ve discussed about that with Chris from Vefoil, who recommended me big boards, as we are designing a direct drive propulsion unit (spoiler alert !). But (just thinking about it right now) would not a smaller board be easier to take off ? As it would be lighter and create less drag.
All your feedbacks are welcome !

Video update is coming soon :wink:

Like that one ? :wink: (Salutations de la Côte d’Azur)

Beautiful but what are its dimensions ? And why did you pick this one out ?

I am going with 80l for the following reasons:

  • Its the biggest size that fits on my CNC

  • Its convenient to carry around and store in my workshop.

  • It is about the size of my wakeboard and kneeboards and I know how they react.

  • It is lighter and more manoeuvreable.

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Hi @Arue, there is not one best board size and shape. Depends on your goals. If you want beginners to learn fast, use a wide high volume board that allows them to stand up comfortably before even hitting the throttle. Size and volume here depends on the rider weight. If you feel good about prone, kneeling getting up while hitting the throttle, go smaller. Small is better for going fast, a big board is harder to control when it flies above the water, the apparent wind is messing with it. One other aspect to keep in mind with smaller boards is that you will push your waterproof housings deeper under water, so your waterproofing needs to be even better. Makes quite a difference.



I have selected the Horue Moise shape style for various reasons

  • Those boards are so very wide (80 cm !) and flat so quite comfy
  • More space on the board = more space for the hardware
  • Those boards are short (less than 240 cm), and everyone says, all the way up to Kai Lenny, that shorter boards are easier to pivot / turn around the foil vertical axis
  • You can pick the volume that you want. I weigh 95 kg so I will go for 95 + 30 = 125l => 130l . My bet is that the more you float, the lighter the amps consumption to go up on the foil
  • Horue is organizing an event in Gruissan in May 10th/13 th if you want to see the boards by yourself

I am not saying that you should buy one (actually quite expensive !), but you may shape a similar one yourself. I just like the dimension ratios :slight_smile:


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Also check out this guy. A smaller board is obviously super easy to ride : )

Hey guys. So you think small boards sink uh? Check out these



(Sorry for the dark pics, I couldn’t brighten them)
Although these are small boards they’re thick so it’s no problem, it’s still possible to paddle with it.
I think this is the shape that’d do better for efoils. What do you guys think about it?
They’ve been testing this shape since january 2018 so I couldn’t find any on the market or even some information about it, hope it gets on market soon!

Austin Kalama - SUP foil
David Kalama - SUP foil

I personally would not go above 6ft in length for the board. I have 3 boards that I purchased for my efoil at different stages as I wanted different things.
The first board was a windsurfer that I cut down to 5’6". Its a bit heavy so I decided I wanted lighter…
The second board was a temevento slalom board around 6’ x 70cm x 10cm. Super light at around 4kg but hollow so it has challenges with connecting the foil.
The last board I got was a temevento foil board around 5’3" and 60cm x 9cm.

Short and stout is the answer!

How about some pictures of your build?

I will get some pics shortly! I am busy with the control box at the moment.

Here is the link to my build now with some updated pics: Jezza's Build (slow) - #21 by Jezza - Builds - FOIL.zone

Thank you all for your replies !
We are switching for a smaller board. Not fully decided at the moment but we are still working with Takuma :wink:

Next update of our project : design review !

If you need some space i can drive by and pick up the board :wink:


After a long delay… The new video update :grin:

But the design has been a bit changed since the video was shot…
Building started this week !

That guy is nothing less than Kay Lenny, probably the guy who can best ride anything over the water… He crossed over two Hawaii Islands with a foil (not e-foil)… :grin: