Assist / Light build from France [maytech kit]

Maybe related, but maybe irrelevant in openloop

What is the hardness and manufacturer of the TPU material which you used?

94 A

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I prepared the box with 60100hp vesc.
Despite warning on this thread, I was banboozeled by the reverse color wires!!
Seems like ppm IS dead, but uart saves the day, again :cry::grin:


By the way this is how the tips of my recut prop looks like after 5-10 rides.

Still did not manage a succesfull print of the 3 blade hub. The blades came out very nice in asa :+1:

First ride went well!
One and a half battery, no water ingress.
The vesc seems to have the current mesurement issue also with the 6374 motor, above 75% throttle there is a strange sound seems like mild desynchronisation.
The controller température did not exeed 50°c with the heatsink out in the water :+1:

I need to find a smaller foil and smaller board, cause it is not super fun in the current setup, just a slow and light e-foil.

Weighted the setup at 2.9kg without motor.

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@Bzhwindtalker can you guide me on the problem you had with high angle of attack of the board, I also get the forward stance issue. Really hard to get smooth starts and balance. I use the same board and rig for wingfoil so I was pretty surprised on this behaviour. I have the same setup with 6374 and trying to figure out if I’m better off shimming the whole mast or if I should print a angle shim between motor and pod mount. Also looking for a decent 3 blade folding prop if anyone has, plase DM or post link.

Low power makes it more critical, if you have no speed you can only create lift tru angle of attack.
Mast wire taping also makes a big difference, as drag above the motor creates up pitch moment.
With the board rocker I had to shim by 5° under the base plate.
Stab shiming helped, but mast shimming was more effective, and more neutral based on speed.
Since I improved motor power, and added the base plate shim, Improved hydro cable management, I can use the smaller stab.
The technique is also important, you have to generate speed progressively, if you go full throttle at once it can cause more up pitch.
Without shim I could not generate much speed…

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I wonder how it works, in which direction is the shim, is the wing angled/shifted forward (thick shim in the back, thin on the front of the plate)?

How does that angle feel when you’re riding at speed?

Its all about the rocker of the board. The F-One boards are banana’s. This means the foil naturally points partially down for an efoil instead of purely forwards.

This leads to the board nose pushing high on takeoff and a lot of front foot pressure once standing.

It would have to be thick at back and thin in front to level out the board deck vs foil (as much as possible)

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Here is a photo of the shim. I feel like 3° would be a sweet spot, 5 maybe a little bit too much, as the front of the board sits very low close to the water in e-foil mode. This stuff IS sensitive

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That’s a hefty shim! weird to have such an off angle foil mount…

I ordered a new pump foil (takoon 1950 v2) and am looking for a small 25-35L surf foil board to mount my setup. Goal is to be able to do actual pumping anywhere and not be limited to a dock. So I will need to make a new mount that is very fast to get on/off the mast, in the same style as others have made it with a strap I think, but with integrated cable guide.

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preparing something based on the armstrong strap mount, with a integrated cable guide with velcro top mount

Credit to @Strongarm for OG files


I want to belive !

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Curious as to why you wouldnt print with motor side down with your own support along mast edge and motor side?


Reduce warping, I have quite a lot of issue with ASA filament lately.
I also wanted to test the strength using 45° layers. We will see


For mechanical strength of the whole part this orientation is not good.
I tried the cable guide as you have it too. It did not work out good. The water enters between mast and cable guide. You should tape it.

To seal the guide edge and ensure tight fit you can wrap cling film on the mast and apply gasket silicon on the guide. Stick in place and let dry.


full failure of the ASA print The warping was crazzy! 105° bed, with en enclosure, seems even worse than with ABS

@FoiledBySpoil very interesting idea, I will try that