Axis foils - What wing are you riding?

LAFC runs a lot of red masts.

What are wings you guys using? Discuss and review here. @Hdip you start us off.

Fine I’ll go ahead and say it. The 900 is boring. Pumping isn’t all there is to life. I greatly prefer the 760 unless there’s just nothing to do except pump.

370 tail. I do not like the 460.

Lol. I still love my 900 with the 370 tail and crazy short fuse. Pumps crazy and is fast. But I hear you, I love my 860 front wing too, little less pump but it turns super nice.

I think it should also be stated whether one is riding a SUP or prone board w/ whatever setup is favored, as at least IMO…they’re two different beasts (or sports).

That said, for my SUP foiling, I’m loving the 900/390 (-1 shimmed), ultra short fuse, and 75cm aluminum mast setup…since while pumping is a goal (maybe just a dream given board size of board, weight, and yes, age), my current joy is being able to surf/turn that setup more in the ways I used to surf/SUP w/o a foil underneath me.

That doesn’t mean I’m still not looking for something that’ll still do that and pump back out to connect a wave or two. But currently, I’ve not found anything that’ll do both, and the closest I’ve gotten to the latter is w/ the 1000/460 setup…but the “surf-ability” of that seemed to wane so much, that I went back to the 900/390 when I just couldn’t get the 460 to pump as well as on the 900, and still experienced the less turn-ability of that setup.

Still waiting to give the 760/370 (or 460) a try, but as of yet have not been able to find someone with that setup available when I’ve been at the beach. But a friend just picked up the 760 a couple days ago, so hopefully in the not too distant future I’ll be able to test that out soon. :crossed_fingers: :grinning:

EDIT: The same guy is also waiting on the Crazy Short fuse to arrive, and I look forward to testing that out with all my setups as well. :+1:

You need the 370 and ultrashort as your baseline on everything you try.

On SUP foil I like the 82cm 19mm aluminum mast or the 76cm v1.1 carbon mast with the 910 front, ultrashort fuse and 370 rear.

On Wingding I like the 86cm v1.1 carbon mast on regular chop or the 82cm 19mm aluminum for waves. Till 2 weeks ago, the 910 front wing was my goto with ultrashort and 370. But now I love the 1050 front wing with the Black Series short fuselage and the 420 rear.
For super light conditions, the 1150 front wing is a must.

On kite foil I love the 96cm carbon mast v1, with the ultrashort fuselage, 760 front wing and 340 rear.

On the eFoil I love the 1010 or 1150 or the née 1300 with crazy short and 460. Most Amp efficient wings in the world.

I can keep on going.
In my car I keep the 700, 760, 900, 910, 1010, 980, 1050, 1150, 1300 for any day and any conditions.

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