AXIS Mast 19mm - 3d-drawing wanted

Hi all,
my next eFoil will be made with a AXIS Mast 19mm - does anybody have a STEP file of it and is willing to share :question:

For what part? Nose cone? If so, which motor?

Hi Tyler,
for different parts and slightly different to mechanically isolate the motor from mast.
Sounds like you have the mast as STEP :+1:

Hey @SUP-MIKE, good choice, stiffest aluminium mast on the market I believe. Here is the Axis 19mm profile I created from my own measurements. It worked well for me but no guarantee that this is 100% correct. Fusion


Yeah I use a AXIS mast myself but I have a proprietary motor but Merten has the right idea by having the mast in Fusion and then you can blend in parts.

What is this ? A prototype of some sort ?

Hi Merten,
thank you very much :top: I will 3d print a template and check the dimensions
Hope to see you sometime again at chiemsee :surfing_man:

No problem @SUP-MIKE! Yes I hope we can travel again soon, that was fun last year at Chiemsee with you guys.

Hey @pacificmeister This looks amazing. Thanks for sharing! @SUP-MIKE Before I use this, is it a good fit? Could you use as is or did it need any modification?

Hey guys, any update on this. Im on the same page looking for the drawing of doodad so i can make some change to make it fit other fuselage. Thanks