Axis mast for sale

Not sure if for sales are allowed so delete if not, but I have a new axis 60cm mast for sale located in the uk £65 plus postage if anyone is interested

Hi @charlieuk,

DIY efoil and parts sales between DIY builders are totally fine. I just created a new category for sell & buy. However no commercial ads please.

BTW, if that’s the 2019 Axis mast, I think it’s a great mast for efoils. It’s 19mm thick, one of the stiffest Aluminum masts you can buy. I am building a new efoil with that mast right now too, updates soon.



Cheers yes it is the 2019 one and like you say super stiff and has a nice big hole down the Center. All there foil stuff it realy nicely made and a lot better than most of the other ones out there.

Mast is now sold