Axis to gong wing adapter

One thing that was odd with the ride is that i had the feeling of cutting left and right very easily, but into the carve it was a bit too stable. I don’t know if it’s caused by the HA wing or if the stab should be exchanged, i run a veloce 43 stab, should i go smaller?

Axis recommend their 420 or 380 speed stab with that wing and then shim to preference. They both smaller and higher aspect than the Veloce M stab so will be faster and less stable.

Too much work right now to make a rear adapter too but i might get a smaller stab like these two that are close to the Axis (in dimensions at least)


I checked and i actually have a veloce H stab so it’s 9.2 in AR. Maybe it’s too steep.

I actually drilled and tapped my gong fuse to take a Unifoil stab. Shortened the overall length of the fuse by about 13cm and it was a lot more fun. You could do that with an axis stab.

The goal is to not get in a rathole of everlasting upgrades, this is what the brands wants us to do. I’ll try the stabs i have and learn the new wing better first but i think i’ll also get a smaller stab and try it, been thinking about that anyway to get a reference on the smaller side for the other wings i have.

I made some diy stabs two years ago and realised they have a huge impact on the riding but the issue was to get enough time on each to adjust the riding, it has to get a bit warmer for that now🧊

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While I have no doubt the brands enjoy this, it’s not really their goal. Switching up gear every 6 months or so is actually really good for rider progression. It forces us to adjust style and try new techniques which ultimately improves our riding. I guess we have the long winter that greatly lessens the amount of riding we do year-round compared to the Southern Hemisphere.

@larsb how is your safety setup looking, if it is so cold and you get a technical problem outside alone?

It’s risky in winter, I/we should always bring a friend. Iphone batteries die instantly when exposed to the cold but i bring my phone anyway in a waterproof case. I have heater packs with me sometimes if it’s below zero.

It has gotten critical a few times, i hit a rock two years ago, in december… had to paddle in zero degree water for more than an hour to get back to shore. I was so cold that i could barely use my fingers to open my car and the battery of my car key was dead from the cold. Luckily my armpits were still warm to get fingers and key working😃 That would’ve been ugly if i’d had an injury during the crash!

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Sound like you need a heated vest for emergencies.

Yes, on my bigger board i take a jacket, gloves, hat and some tools with me, i have a separate box for this.

My main change after some incidents is that i don’t ride large open lakes or far out in the sea in winter, then if i get issues i can swim to shore and start running.

Wow sounds no fun. Good luck always for your rides. :crossed_fingers:t2:

I have used the wing for a few rides now and need to correct my first impression: it turned out to be caused by the main screw to my stab adapter having worked itself loose. A combination of corrosion and small play killed the original M8 threads so I drilled it out and turned it into an M10.

Had a ride today after the fix and the art999 wing is a really nice addition to my quiver, in every way!

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Nice that it worked out.

Are you finding you can foil easily at lower speeds
with these HA style foils?

It isn’t the easiest to get up on but it will foil to very low speed, even with my weight at roughly 120kg with board.

I’ll try pumping it when it gets warmer, i bet it won’t be too hard since it seems to glide really well

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