Battery cell level nickel fuse

Hi, has anyone built a battery pack with this? Are cell level fuses worth it?

I’m going to build a 12s12p pack with samsung 30q, does it look promising for my project?

" this fuse design is meant to protect against that catastrophic event without interfering with everyday use. The fuse will blow fast at 8 amps. The fuse can carry 3 amps continuous while staying cool and without voltage drop. The connecting strips between the cells will handle 10 amps."

Would the amps be okay? could i stack 2 of these if not?

I can totally recommend them, my pack has worked fine during this season.
It’s a bit more work, but i would recommend using two strips to be able to draw more amps!

Here’s the build:


Great build! Do you remember which width you got (2*2p / 3p / 4p)? In the pics it seams its the 3p folded in half, if that’s the case, wouldn’t only 1 of the 2 rows of cells have 2 fuses?

It’s 2*2p so just two on top of each other. Fusing the battery minus wouldn’t be necessary but also doesn’t hurt. So I’ve fused the cells on both ends with this setup.

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