Battery connectors

Hi all builders
I’m looking for rugged, reliable, easy-to-connect, waterproof connectors for my 2nd build. Searching for alternatives I came across with Deutsch HD30 connector. Has anyone used those?
Or could you share data, picture, cad-drawings of your battery connectors?

Why do you need waterproof connectors? Isn’t your compartment dry?

Only for extra safety.

Try QS-10 connectors. You can order them from Offshore electrics. With the O-ring installed they are waterproof.


Would you have a link for these very nice “Aerial 51” blue alu boxes ?

Do you have a particular reason to recommend the 10mm diam OSE QS-10 connectors over the 8mm diam OSE-QS-8 ones ? Both seem to accept up to AWG6 wires but the 8mm costs half the price of the 10mm (not a big deal though).
@Flightjunkie is using the 8mm version and does some extra waterproofing

I’d be tempted to run the QS-10 if I was running CAN (to battery BMS) or the receiver (to get better reception) out my ESC box with the other 4 connections on there. My ESC box is below the board, left connected to the mast. But I just got some QS-8s that are working well, but have to disconnect my RX antenna separately.

Have you heard of the Amphenol SurLok Plus? 120A continuous current and IP67. I used them on an inflatable eFoil build and was not disappointed.
Here ist the Datasheet and the (german) Shoplink where i bought them.

Those would be excellent, I didn’t go for them because I didn’t think they were anti-spark and I don’t have a BMS (that could current limited on startup). Was worried about a big voltage spike taking the ESC. Did you have any issues?

Jep, you should definitely use an extra anti-spark switch. In my case the BMS has a reed switch with anti-spark function. So i plug in the amphenol connectors first and after that put a magnet on the BMS-containig batterypack which turns on the Board

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Would you have a link ?

It’s a Daly Smart BMS with bluetooth and around 300A i think. I don’t know which one exactly because i didn’t build the battery by myself. Maybe the reed switch is an external one connected to one of the “switch ports” of the BMS

Wich one?

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Hey Robert, Just read my last comment :wink:

yes, i googled theme but fount only this one: Page Not Found -

That is everything i know, sorry

I can absolutely not recommend those connectors. Build quality and resistance values are bad. I ordered 5 pairs of them directly from the manufacturer. Afters about 30 cycles of connecting and disconnecting the anti spark resistor broke. This happend 2 times. Dont buy them. For best resistance values and high AMPS you should go for the LMT Hochstromstecksystem 400 A Downside of them is, that there is no connector protection available.

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Thanks for everybody for the comments.
My setup will have two 6S12P-batteries connected to series. I will charge the batteries with a balancing charger. Currently I have 3 options for the connectors:

  1. Amphenol SurLok Plus: I would need 4 female connectors and 8 male connectors. Cost around 100€. Using these I would have to make 4 connections each time connecting the battery.
  2. Phoenix Contacts 4 pin setup: I would need 1 female with and 2 males. Cons cost with a metal IP69 graded housing approx 150€ (haven’t got the price yet), pros only 1 connection needed.
  3. XT90 connectors with a diy housing: Far the cheapest but not sure… At the moment only for 1 connector, will try to sketch for double XT90 connectors.
    Here is a screenshot what I have sketched for the XT90 connector. I have planned this with a thought of easy connection and easy release.
    My thought is to attach the XT90 to the housing with epoxy and with an o-ring (missing from the sketch) the whole connector would be watertight. I have printed the first prototype. It works but there’s still adjustments to be done.

This is a great option for the xt90 waterproof housing. The guy originally designed them for anderson PP45’s, but he put a lot of effort into making them work quite well and his video does a good job of explaining everything!

You could also build a waterproof version of the AS150, there are some different versions in the forum: DIY - budget - high amp waterproof connectors

Thank you @foilmore and @sat_be for those links. Those were new to me and I will take a thorough look at those options. They both look more sophistocated than my prototype.