Battery design. What size for 12s?

Hi everybody,
After having worn out my lipo and don’t get enough power now to fly I decide to go and build my own battery. Thank you so much @Flightjunkie @Alexandre @Jezza and I may forget the others. Through your posts I learnt that making baterries is not easy, quite dangerous and you have to know what you do. I run my own e foil made of carbon and I use either an acr200 with a flipsky 65110 or a 640kv motor with a neugart gearbox 5:1 and I’m very happy with that.
What do you think I need to make ?
I’m under 12s. 12s10p ? 12s12p ? 12s14p ?
Just want to be able to foil at least 45 mins. I plan to use a bms just to charge ? I just saw tjat you were not very keen on using that because it’s too dangerous… would it be better to split my batterie in two parts and make 2x6s10p or 6s12p or 6s14p ? I’m a bit lost. Thal you for your advises…
Another question, everything is doubled waterproof on my efoil, receiver box, esc box, lipo box. Do you think it will be possible to pour resin between the samsung 30q batteries just to be sure it’s fully waterproof on top the box waterprrofing ??
Thank you

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Please check my post

Hi Vincent I saw your post and I printed all your instruction thank you so much. But I’m still wondering what best 12s10p 12s12p, 12s14p with bms or 2x6s10p, 2x6s12p etc…

Ok no problem. I don’t win anything if you follow or not my recommendation :smile:

I just can say it’s works like a charm!


Sounds like you are off to a good start. It’s hard to suggest battery build specifics because everything is a compromise. Figure out what is most important to you, and those decisions will shape the direction you go with the battery build.

Big factors to consider are the weight of the battery, cost, size, type of charger you plan to use, type of speed control, safety considerations, and desired ride time and range. Also, what tools you have and your desired build method.

Good luck with the build. I’ll be interested to see what you come up with.


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Thank you Flightjunkie,
It would be nice to be able to ride easily 45min-60 mins. I’m under 12s. Regarding safety consideration I’ve got your point of view of dividing by two the size of the battery and don’t put a bms. I’ve got all what I need (spot welder, soldering iron etc…) but I still don’t know the cons and pro of building a 12s10p or 12s12p or 12s14p. Is there anything with the high amps or something ?
I’ve got space under my latch, and money won’t be a consideration. I just want a good and reliable battery.
Thank you !

If space and money isn’t a problem , I would with 2x 6s14p, I got away using 2x 6s8p with 30q but cells got hot , my built right now is 6s14p

12p is just for a lake off space

Past 14P : the weight

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As far as amp , you just take your max amp or average high speed amp ( 100-120A ) by the number of cell , it is nice to ride under 10A/ cell
So 120/12cell (12p)=10A

Thank you Alexandre I got it. Will certainly go for a 2x6x14p then without a bms and charge them separately. One question will I be able to charge the two batteries together connected with two charger ?
One last question, do you thin I can pour sika gel between the cells to make it completely waterproof ?

One battery with one charger
Connected together in série to make a 12s only for riding
But you can charge two battery with one charger if you put them in parallel with a parallel board for the balancing plugs ( better using 2 chargers)

Sika gel may be a option but I never tested that

For the charger better to get one without built in psu. IchargerX ist small and you can charge up to 30A, balance with 2A and discharge with 50W. I‘m really happy with it (it‘s not cheap but worth the money). PSU you can build with 2 HP server PSUs in series, gives you 24V / 100A if connectet to 230V. You can connect two chargers and charge with 30A each.


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I am really stupid can you send me a link for a Duo
charger that works for the 6s14p battery ???

You could use icharger 308 duo or skyrc pc1080.
Both would work. Icharger is More flexibel with DC power but you would need The extra ac/DC power suply.
It is no difference how many cells you have in parallell. It is just how much you Will charge each cell. I have two 6s10p Sony vtc6 battery packs and if I charge with 10amp it Will be 1 amp per cell. If I would have 14p it would be 10/14 amp per cell

Thanks Really nice Explained helped me a lot!!!

The extra ac/DC power suply.

How strong should this be ???

Can you send me a link to a working one ??
I already have a would this work (i dont really think it would)???

Is this the only one which works


If money and space isn’t a factor then I’d say go big. I’m happy with my 14s14p battery. It’s about 42ah, 2.1kwh. 196 Samsung 30Q cells. If you’re limited by your VESC to 12s then think about going 16p. 12x16=192 cells. That’s 4 cells shy of my battery. You’ll get about 1h30m ride time.

I second the icharger X8. Great charger. I suggest buying it from Progressive RC. They sell on eBay too. The guy is super cool and will replace it if it quits working. I don’t like parallel charging both packs off one charger because this is such a large battery. I suggest charging one battery at a time, or buying two chargers and running them at the same time off of two server power supplies wired in series for 24v. I charge at 20ah rate which is 1.5a per cell. Best for long battery life.

Good luck with the build. Keep us updated.



I have The skyrc pc1080 charger and are happy with it.
If you want an easy charger that are running directly from on AC power I would go for that one.
Then you have possibility to plugin Both of your batteries and balance charge your two 6s battery packs up to 20A in The same time and it is easy to cary with you:)
The drawback is that it is not so flexible when it comes to configuration as icharger. Example i can not select if i want The charger to not charge More than to 4.10 volt per cell instead of 4.20 to save The battery cells. I usually monitor and reduce The charging amps when i reach 4.05 volts and stop around 4.10-4.15volt manually.

If you go for icharger you Will buy 2 pc server power supplies and modify Them so you connect them in serie to get 24 volt and high amps out if you want to be able to charge The batteries with many amps.

Thanks that is Really cool I was also thinking about building a 14s14p Battery. Now I read your Build posts and after that I think I have still some questions left to annoy you.

Are these the charger parts I would need ??

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