Battery pack help

Is there anybody outside (at best in Germany or Europe) who can build a battery pack for me? I have a MALA board and 65161/100KV with self milled alu prop.
To be honest: I’m more a mechanical than an electronical technician and there is nearly no time to dive into electrical jungle. Remote control buildt by Vincent is already on stock.

Cost will be paid in advance.


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Hey Inox,
i’m from Leipzig and builded a few Li Ion battery packs in the last few Years for me and other efoil builders…and with “a few” i mean nearly 50 Packs / 3000 Cells :wink:
Do you have a plan what battery/config you want?


Hi @kotnascher, I need a waterproof battery with 14S6P 18650 Samsung cells and a 150A BMS (unless somebody with more experience recommends some change in this specs). Would you be interested? Or could you recommend me somewhere to buy it?
Regards, Juan

This is very admirable, few people in the world have done this. Can you show a few pictures of the propeller (side, front, datail surface)?

Exchange of courtesies: maybe @kotnascher needs a alu prop ? :wink:

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Pls find some pictures in this thread

Hey Juan,
so basically i could do that but there are some issues which should be cleared up before:

shipping: as a private person it’s legally not allowed to ship li ion batteries this big, even within germany. Therefore i use UPS because it offers an option for li ion batteries not to transport by airplane. I just checked that this also works for spain and would cost around 30€

cell configuration: which samsung cells do you mean? the most common cells are samsung 30q but they went pretty expensive and are just capable of 15A discharge current. So a 6p config can handle 90A which sounds a bit low for an electric powered watercraft and the capacity of ~840Wh sound also a bit low (most efoil builders are using 1300-2000Wh).

BMS: do you have a certain BMS in mind? the most builders are using splitted batterys (like 2x6s, 2x7s or 2x8s) with a “hobbystyle” balance plug instead of a BMS. I made a few 30Amp li ion batterie packs for eskates with LLT-Power Smart-BMS which worked great. They also offer a “up to 200A” Version which sound nice for this project

housing: using ip68 plastic cases is a common way, a 14s6p 18650 battery with BMS could fit in this one, for example


Hi @kotnascher, sorry for my late answer (I’m on vacation with little access to internet… But enjoying a lot!).

Unless you suggest a better proposal, I was thinking in something like 14S6P Samsung INR18650-20R 2000mAh - 22A cells (Samsung INR18650-20R 2000mAh - 22A - 18650 - Li-ion - Rechargeable batteries | NKON).
With a BMS like Daly Smart BMS Li-ion 14S 48V BT S, 150A ( ).

This should give:
14S x 3,6V= 50,4V
6Px22A= 132A
2000mAh x 6P x 50,4V = 604Wh which won’t give a lot of autonomy but should be more than enough for a first version of my build.

Any suggestions is most welcome!

I’m ok with the case although it is IP67. Do you know of any IP68 case?


Look at the molicel p26a

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Thanks @Alexandre, impressive characteristics.
I haven’t heard about Molicel. Is it a reliable brand?

It is a good brand, produced in Taiwan. If space allows, you could also use Molicel 21700P42A.

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Yes i have molicel p42a, excellent battery. Top tier quality up there with Samsung