Bay Area build getting started

Most of the major bits have been collected so I thought I’d start to keep track of the build.
I started building a rifle case foil build last year but that got side tracked and after getting to ride a Lift I figured that it would be a better time learning to foil on a shaped board and then switch to the rifle case once I want something smaller.
Appletree carbon wing foil board 5’7" or 170cm for my donor board.
14S10P 21700 P42A individual fuse battery pack in a split staggered design so 2 14S5P packs with no BMS so I can balance charge with my hobby charger.
Battery box is from amazon and will just fit my pack I hope, it does in the CAD, I’ll find out soon

MakerX G300 controller
Flipsky VX3 remote
65161 120kv flipsky motor
qs8 antispark connectors
Cedrus mast and Armstrong fuse coming soon

Next step is to print the battery holder plates this weekend hopefully and weld the pack together before I finalize the compartment size for the donor surgery.


Your off to a good start, will be interesting to see how this one turns out!

Appletree boards are $$$ - i bet that first cut will hurt a bit to do :sweat_smile:

They say ”measure twice, cut once”, never been more true than here… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I got a great deal on the board since it’s last years model but I still am going to feel a bit bad cutting into it as it is a really well made board. I also really like that it is closed cell foam and not EPS, nothing wrong with EPS but its nice to not have to worry about water seeping in from a ding or damage. I added all the supplies up to make one and it came pretty close to what I got this board for and I’m hoping that it will speed things up a bit over doing it from scratch. Reading @tosh.jah builds has given me a great guide to work from for this I hope, many thanks to him and all the others that have taken time to post up their info and builds.

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Show us the foam when you cut it open. I am curious as the what it really is???

I’m certain that it’s really rigid closed cell foam inside the board since they actually ship the board in the rectangular blank that it is shaped from. Pretty smart of them since they dont have to dispose of it themselves and it really did protect the board in transit. Also gives me some to experiment with for cutting and laminating.

It looks really tight. Is it hard and crunchy or spongy?

It’s hard but not crunchy or spongy.

Thanks. Sure would be good to find a source of that stuff :wink:

If you wallet is deep enough it isn’t hard to find but unless you want a lot of closed cell rigid foam and are close to the distributor it gets really expensive. We use similar foam at work from time to time but its way to expensive for small projects.

Printed out a test fit piece for the battery holder and it looks like it fits in my Amazon battery box for my 14s10P split 21700 battery pack, just have to clip off some of the mounting posts in the bottom of the battery box. There’s not going to be much extra room when everything is installed, the fuse holders just fit and I’ll have to plan out the connectors for everything else, balance connectors and power out

Hi Willy510 Ok please can you tell me what type it is and possible manufacturer. I think we all are investing a lot of time and effort so maybe its worth it.


Most of the work foam is some form of Airex . We don’t build boards at work , mostly large scale science experiments dealing with energy, so the types used won’t really help. Any place that sells composite core material like Airex will be much more help that I can be since its been years since I used Airex to build kiteboards. If I were building a board from scratch I would probably use EPS unless money wasn’t an issue.

We have a good supplier here in Canada that I can get divini and pet foam and corecell. They are all minimum 4lb/ft3 as far as I know. Would be good to get something in the 2lb range if you know the material would be great.

Xps is both closed cell, cheap and OK density, i don’t really see the point of airex and the likes for efoils? You can save like 400grams by choosing a lower weight foam, not much on a board that weighs 20-35kg in total

xps had a bad habit of delams. But there seems to be some that use it without a problem.

If you sand the surface so cells are open it will bond well. It’s a balance, sanding can leave a sort of fluffy/loose surface which i’d guess could be hard to get a good bond on. Never had delamination issues with it - but i always use vacuum.

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Final version bottom battery plate printed out in PC and it fits great. Top plate is on the printer right now and I hope to get the welding done this week or so

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If you sand, you’re supposed to use compressed air (oil less) to get rid of the dust to get maximum adherence of the resin.

I might be missing something here but isn’t this a 10s14p arrangement? (Or 2 x 5s14p)?
Also, just reading the earlier post where you mention splitting a pack into 2 x 14s5p packs to charge with a hobby charger. Don’t most people using hobby chargers connect packs in series for use? From what I’ve seen most hobby chargers don’t go up to 14s.

You’re not missing anything , It was me missing that I put the wrong picture in that post :grimacing:
This is what the layout should look like hopefully for two 7S10P packs with the split in the packs in the middle longways