Beenee´s DIY Foil Drive Assist

hallo everybody…

I am new to this forum. First of all, thanks to the administrators and users for this remarkable collection of information. My son and I are wingfoilers and pumpfoilers and are already building our own custommade wingfoil boards.

Now we want to try our hand at an E-Foil Assist. I also fly RC helicopters so I have the eltectric basics to fall back on. Unfortunately the knowledge about Fusion 3D is not so good yet :wink: And also my 3D printer is not so great.

For my project I follow Pablo_foil (DIY electric foil assist. Steps+pictures+cad files) and first got myself a 6374 170 kV motor. The propeller is already quite good, now it’s time for the fuselage.

Pablo designed the fuselage for a Gong mast, but I plan to take an old Takuma foil and here the mast is 11.5 wide and 16mm thick. I have first scaled the data set of Pablo something, let’s see if that works.

Does anyone have a STL for a 63 motor for Takuma Mast, Unifoil or Signature?

Greetings and thanks


who wants to follow the project on Instagram: @beenee_foilboards

I also attached the freecad files in thingiverse. If you can get the mast airfoil, just replace it in the cad and create a new stl (freecad has a triangular mesh generator)

Great! Everything is working better then expected. Maiden already done!

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