BEENEE´s Foil Drive

Hello all

Thanks to your help I was able to successfully build and also foil my first foil-drive, great!

The following setup:

Motor 6374 with Inox bearing (

Maytech Remote (In Stock Maytech Electric Skateboard Splashproof Remote Control MTSKR2 – official website)

ESC Hobbywing Platinum PRO 120A V4 3S-6S Bürstenloser Regler mit 8V 10A BEC für 500-550 C Sale - Banggood Deutschland-arrival notice-arrival notice

3 times 6s 5000 Lipo (SLS Quantum 5000mAh 6S1P 22,2V 30C/60C SLSQ50006130 - Lipo Modellbau Akkus bei Stefansliposhop online kaufen)

Everything worked fine right away and I can completely foil (88kg) with a Takuma LOL 1900 for about 15min. My son can even have fun with his 960 Kujira and a 45 liter board. (Titus on Instagram)

Although we are rather wingsurfers and pumpfoil in zero wind, the topic has fully infected me and my son. We are already planning further projects, like another Foil Drive with a 6384, a E Foil with a 65161 and maybe a Tow Boogie…

We already build our own wingboards (that’s why BEENEE) and now we will expand them with the foil drives, which makes it even more exciting.

I actually come more from RC helicopter flying, so still have a lot of technology for it over, but that is partly not quite compatible. I promptly had water in the display immediately, but was able to replace that with a new one with the help of the forum and make them all waterproof accordingly. Unfortunately, I have bereist now already made many mistakes in detail what has already cost me a few euros :slight_smile: Therefore I will ask you in the future simply before, even if one can find the answers here surely (if one finds it then :slight_smile: and let you participate in my projects. I think many others starting out make the same mistakes. Because of the overview I will put them in the appropriate categories then.

First of all, thanks again to the community!

olli and Titus

More about us: Insta @kitesurfingkiel @tituz__ @beenee_foilboards


Looks like fun—I didn’t think one of those little 6374 motors would let you get on foil PLUS be able to tow

How did you secure the box to top of board? I’m getting close to first tests with my build and it looks like yours is secured better than the ratcheting straps I’ve got in mind

Its amazing! The 6374 is able to lift me up with a 1900 LOL Takuma and a 90L Board. Use the folding prop (Efoil 6384/63100 120kv-140kv folding prop by ThermikDreher - Thingiverse) Anyway after 50% of charge it needs some pumps to get up again. My son is a very good pumpfoiler and did dockstart and i picked him up while he was still foiling and did tow him when he was already on the foil :slight_smile:

What do you think about the prop? Going to use it even on my new project 6384 on 120kv 12s!?



Nice build :slight_smile:

The cable track for the motor wires along the trailing edge of the mast is an interesting idea. Would you mind sharing the design for this?

Nevermind, I’ve zoomed in on the pics and I can see what you’ve done

For gong v1:

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right, just the file from Pablo and som tape… :slight_smile: