Best value for money build on classic board foil set up

Hello Gurus!

What is the best build in 2002?

I currently have an Axis Hps980 with 85 mast and blueplanet 4.10 board that I use for winging in Florida. There is limited wind supply here and after 2 years windfoiling I am now thinking about electric power!
Objective is to go upwind on electric and get the downwind with waves power.

What are your recommendations to build with minimal toolset at home. No welding, no 3D printer…

Thanks for your insights!

The best build from 2002 would probably be a paddle as no efoils or foil assists existed back then :wink:

Your best option now would be a foil assist. With minimum toolset and no 3D printer you are going to be at the mercy of pretty much buying a complete unit. Maybe someone will sell you a complete DIY unit cheaper than the official Foil assist…

No spot welder ? : the following project uses NESE modules that don’t need welding :
okpTow - Jatem's style - #4 by okp
No 3D printer ? : you could find here a nice forum member willing to print you the parts out for a few bucks or can compare the price of different online printing services for the motor pod, eg or… you cannot print in any material, some don’t like water, some don’t like the summer heat and/or UV :frowning: . Recommended materials : PETG, PLA+, …

In this thread, post 19, @Larsb says it all:

A cost effective build ? You can follow @Alex2A efoil project based on a 300usd inflatable board and that can be adapted to a Foildrive assist in your case :

or have a look here, the first “All Inclusive” Chinese Foildrive Assist kit for 1400usd:

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