3d printing material for motor mount

Hi, all.
Those of you that have 3D printed bits in your build (mounting your motor to the mast, propellers, etc)–what material are you using? Has anyone had issues with PLA for this application? I notice some of the printing notes for CAD models specify ASA-X.


PETG. ASA is a pain to get it right.

I used some pla i had and some cracks developed.

Ive seen pla snap between the spool and the printer just by standing there for long enough (weeks), without even touching it (it was a cheaper filament, but still doesnt speak wonders of pla…)

For propellers, esun pla+ works well. Also Used Asa-x covered with cfk for some parts. Advantage of Asa-x is that it is uv resistant. For propellers, it has too much flex. Some people successfully use pet, filed with epoxy for the motor mount.
I prefer a motor mount without printed parts under load.

I have 3 boards with printed motormounts and no issue so far. Under load, the motor is anyway pressing against the mast, so no issue there.
Most critical is the front part: here it is important, that the printing direction is perpendicular to the mast front edge, because this is where cracks develop first. High infill also helps; I typically go with >=80%.
Another option is to laminate the inside of the clamp with glass or carbon; however mine worked without so far. Some checking from time to time doesn’t hurt: One of mine cracked while stored in the cellar for winter…

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I had one issue after another with printed materials. I had tried different materials and always had parts break even with solid fill. I took the same drawings and had a machine shop make everything out of aluminum. Big improvement. I get zero leakage and no torque issues breaking internal parts.

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Tried PETG against motor, TPU over the mast and PETG or PLA nosecone

Ended up replacing the PETG with TPU against the motor after these pictures, when the PETG cracked.

Nice thing about this is you can replace all the parts without rethreading motor wires through.

Replaced with TPU motor and mast clamp - PLA nosecone


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First attempt was PLA fillied with epoxy. Worked for awhile but ended up breaking after a season.

@brycej Thanks for the photos!

I ordered some parts printed in Nylon off of an HP MJF machine from Hubs manufacturing. Get instant CNC machining, 3D printing & sheet metal fabrication quotes - Hubs You can also order in other materials.

Have been happy with the parts so far. No concerns on strength or longevity. A little heavier than I would prefer, but its a strong connection.

Can you please share your stl file for the motor mount . Thanks v

@vib.dxb I’m not sure which one of us you’re requesting this from, but I’m currently planning to use this motor mount. I’m going to have to modify it so I can run the water cooling intake hose through the nose.

sorry I was asking to brycej for the phot he shared …The design you shared needs 130mm M5 and I have hard time to find them …I only have 100mm lengh so the concept of brycej looks easier …

You can have forced flow cooling for a Gong V2 Foil using @Wardy solution


Hey sorry, missed this message. Here is a link to my motor mount that has been working pretty darn well


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