New foil gong for the end of April

I bought a Gong foil on the 8th of April! lol :upside_down_face:

New or old modèle …

old of course… lol
I will get the new one next year.

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I managed to order the new Gong Allvator V2 foil, I share with you here some pictures.
This is the Rise in size L.
The mast measures 85 cm.

A matte clip is being printed …
I will share with you soon.
( Thanks to Robert for the help )


Is that a custom battery box?

Yes, designed to accommodate a 12s14p with the BMS. On the picture it is the 12s12p pack of my first E-Foil. The closing cover is being machined ( aluminium )

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Nice. ! Pict 1 : looks like there is a hole in the mast plate we could use for our cables: do you confirm ?
Can you give us the mast measurements with a calliper ? You can complete the following diagram if you wish.

Gong mast V2 meas

no hole on the plate, the one on the picture is made by me. I will share the dimensions of the mast … patience, … wait for the end of the printing of the mat flange :wink:

I share with you the dimensions of the new Gong mat.
I also drew a flange for the mat, probably not the best one… I leave you free to criticize :wink:


Thanks for the measurements
Last picture: is that the now famous @Gobbla threaded pod nose allowing forced flow water cooling ? :wink:

The model is for passive cooling of a VESC 75/300 Trampa, you are all free to upgrade the mast clamp. Attached is the DXF of the mast that @nice2cu drew for me and that he allows me to share with you :+1::v:!AN8iKoHGzQ5HvJU

Thanks Robert.


I share with you a mast design for the Gong V2 foil:
( As the VESC 75/300 is passively cooled, there is no passage for the water intake )


wow looking sharp!! is that just a vinyl wrap or actually carbin fiber? on the prop guard and motor mount

Il est fait de fibre de carbone véritable. J’ai mis une couche noire et une couche bleue.
I just varnished it in 2K gloss.


got it, so its just 3d printed with carbin over it

This is the result of the mast clamp fitted with the engine:


Hello @Manu, Nice design!

Any chance you can post or send me the front part in .step or Fusion 360 format so I can add water intake?


No problem to share the .Step as soon as I get back from holidays and buy my new IMac as the old one burnt out 🥲

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I’ve got one that’s already done if it’s any good to you, @SoEFoil told me how to share files :call_me_hand:


Thanks a lot. The strong point with this solution is that users wishing to implement forced flow cooling (FFC) and users who don’t can use the same pod.
It’s the cap that will make the difference:

  • If you want to implement FFC, you can use a cap with a hole,
  • if you don’t want to implement FFC, you can screw a cap without hole.


  • is a central hole more prone to clogging than a side one (debris deflection)?
  • at the same speed, how many extra amps do you need with FF cooling ?