Billet aluminum 2-blade folding prop for flipsky/maytech motors

Hi Efoil people,

I have just finished my build, and I really want the Lift folding prop, but it’s a little wild for my pockets.

I have networked with another engineer who is partnering with me to create a folding prop on his 4-axis CNC.

Neither of us are proficient in blade design, so I would like to mimic a blade from either the FR 3 blade and optimize it or either use a profile similar to the lift prop. These will be compatible with the flipsky and maytech 12mm shafts with the m8 threads.

I would like to offer options for buyers to be able to change the blades to the pitch of their choice. Either for top speed, or for more thrust, depending on their riding goals/style.

Who would be interested? We’re thinking about a price point the cuts the lift foil prop in half.

What analysis would you guys like to see? CAE is a given, but not really worried about strength, due to people out here are running 3D printed parts… what Blade profiles would you guys like to see for options?

I’m just a DIY’er wanting a folding prop, and there are not many options for them. So I would like to be able to make these available and easier on the DIYer pocket. Not sure if it’ll just be limited availability run, if this picks up. It’ll be a make to order request.

I got mine already for half price of the lift folding… Best would be a cut cost to 1/3 of the price :sweat_smile:
see efoilshop

See, this is why I post about this stuff. I can’t find anything on the internet, I have searched long and hard for that and your site has never popped up.

Is the hub made of the same material as the blades e.g. aluminium or is it a hard thermoplastic like POM (Delrin, Kocetal and others) which could decrease the machine time ?

The 1/3rd is almost available: 350€ for the same prop at
Same two-blade prop - / 349€ / 458€ so + 31%

Or this 250€ two-blade composite propeller from Germany as well…

It says sold out, would I need to make a request?
Do you know the lead time?

There is this DiY three-blade prop from @debeam in the pipe. Hope he chimes in.
Description in Oct 2021:

Working well in July 2022:

it says Not available :frowning_face: