Blocoloco’s efoil

i’m going to build the board from scratch. first i did a testcut of a board in the size of 30%.

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the second step was a testcut with old eps material, to see the dimension.

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last weekend i’ve done the finalcut. i’ve changed the dimensions it’s now around 70cm width. still a long way to finish…

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a little motivation photo for the next steps. it’s not the fix position oft the mast, just placed the board for the picture.


the mast should be ~12" from the aft edge of the board. This is the typical mount position for kite/surf/sup foils

thanks for the adive, this will be the next step

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did some progress today…

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i’ve done a testmount for the mast, to see if it’s strong enough.

Nice! Please let me know the results.I’m looking at doing the same install.

i’ve tested after 24h waiting. it looks like i’m on the right path.

today i’ve cuted the channels on the board. i’m happy with the result.


Very nice. Where did you source the block of foam from? What type of foam is it?


thank you…i’ve ordered in this online-store

My only concern would be that when you mount the channels, you normally do it in a higher density foam as it provides more strength. That is why some companies sell the high density block kits.

yes me too, we will see if it’s strong enough :smiley:

after the test i’ve changed the stringers. every stringer ends with an angel now, it’should not break wehere there stringers ends and i’m using good wood in aviatic quality. next part is to set the mount boxes and cut out the box for the stuff.

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Nice detailed photos. Is there a reason not to make the stringers wider/deeper?
Did the stringers fail in your test near the ends?

the test was fine, but then i pushed with hole bodyweight against the 1m mast and it’s broken at the end of the wood. i think it would not happen, if there is already glassing, but better to build it a bit stronger. i can’t go deeper, because the hole stuff will fit in the board. on the top are two stringers which are working against the bottom stringer. i’m not a expert, but it look strong enough to me. fingers crossed :crossed_fingers::blush:

I got similar rail and once glued into the hi density closed cell foam I realized that mounring the mast only using the central slot it’s a pity! So my suggestion is to open another slot at back end of the rails. For experience in kitefoil, xps is enough to resist the pressure, stringers are a little overkill and add weight but allows for lighter glassing

the stringers are more about the big hole in the deck, which i’ve cut for the accu and remote stuff.