Bluemind Waterproof Intelligent Remote Controller


  • Hydrofoil
  • Electric Surfboard
  • Electric Paddle Board
  • Kayak
  • Electric Skateboard
  • Electric Longboard


  • Excellent waterproof performance: By using magnetic encoder, waterproof screen and wireless charging, the protection level of remote controller IP68 is realized
  • Multi-parameter display: Speed, Direction, Battery status, Bluetooth and GPS signal status, ESC temperature, motor rpm, Cruise status, and Throttle
  • Multi-protocol support: VESC Communication Protocol, PWM, Dshot300
  • Integrated housing: The shell is glued using ultrasonic technology to improve the operation comfort and appearance
  • Multi-operation mode: Throttle, Cruise (10% step length increase or decrease)
  • Convenient charging: Wireless charging technology is adopted to realize remote charging and use

※※※ Rating※※※
Handle (Transmitter):
Waterproof: IP68
Sensor Type: Non-contact Hall sensor
CPU: NRF52840
Battery: 3.7V/1450mAh
Endurance Time: >10 hours
Display: 128x128 1.5” OLED, Yellow screen

Power Supply: 3.3V
Throttle signal output: 1-2ms 50Hz PWM 5V Max/VESC TTL
Voltage detection range: 5-60V

Wireless charger:
Wireless charging standard: QI
Input interface: Micro USB
Input: 5V/2A
Output: 5V/1A
Charging power: 10W


Where can this remote be purchased?

Very nice :+1:
Greetings Frank

looks interesting.
Is it a prototype or already possible to order?
How much is it?

The buttons are badly positioned! You might switch off the remote while trying to use the cruise control :rofl:

I assume you would have to hold it down for some seconds to switch on/off, whereas you would push + - in pulses. The question is wheter you can reach the buttons with your thumb to operate it with one hand.

@foilfrother @foiler
This product will be available soon on alibaba, It is possible to order next week and we produced 100 sets this time . The price is around $160.



you can reach the buttons with your thumb ,we have tested. :grinning:

The picture mentions direction (forward and backwards). Does the remote have reverse? It doesn’t look like it does.

@crutch Hold button “-” to change forward or backward, throttle and receiver output forward or reverse signal

Interesting… How does the receiver look? External antenna possible?

How is the waterproofing done in the remote, can you show us a photo?

@JvdZ This version of receiver has no external antenna.
Epoxy resin is used for waterproofing.

Hi qdbluemind, an external antenna is very useful for efoil application, many times people run an antenna up to the nose of the board for better reception.

Is the FW on the remote (or RX) upgradeable?

How many throttle steps are there?

This version does not have an external antenna,We will add an external antenna in the next version.
Current version does not support upgrade,next version will be added.
This control has 80 throttle steps and screen displays 0 to 100%.
Cruise increase and decrease with 10%.

waterproof remote controller underwater test.

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@qdbluemind where is the link to buy the remote, searching could not find it?

The remote control will be on sale next week on Alibaba.
Because of COVID-19, some jobs have been delayed.


@FoilEngineer you can buy the remote control from this link.

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Can you give some details? How is it connected to vesc? Uart?

If you use VESC, Uart is ok(rx-tx, tx-rx), the remote control can send throttle or read vol, current ,rpm , etc from VESC.

If you use common ESC, you can use PWM to control motor, meanwhile, you can get battery voltage with pin AD with max voltage of 60V.

Receiver working voltage: 3.3-5v