BREmote Kits for Sale

Hi Everybody,
Like promised, Jasmin from will start selling BREmote kits today.
To keep the sales of the kits and the original idea seperated, I created this new topic.
For questions/feedback regarding the kits sold, please use this topic.
For questions/feedback regarding the idea or firmware, please go here:
BREmote - DIY Remote

He sent me a kit to try out first, so here is my opinion on it:


Are they the long range version? Thanks

This is the normal version for the moment - according to demand we may put the long range versions for sale as well.

Ok thanks I will wait for the long range. Cheers

Congrats on launching the BREmote!! It is a wonderful bit of kit!

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The long range kits are for pre-order now:


Hi everyone
Just a small hint for everyone who bought the DIY Kit: The small USB breakout included in the kits, intended for testing, does have a different pinout from the BREmote, so please pay attention when connecting ( One is 5V, D+, D-, GND) and the other (GND, D+, D-, 5V)


I tried to order new magnet rods for the bremote but they seem hard to source, couldn’t find a single supplier in N52 strength. The ebay part linked on your github site isn’t delivered to sweden unfortunately…

The ones in my kit got locked due to too much adhesive - can i buy new from you @ludwig_bre?

They could be good to sell as a part from openfoil too for users that either epoxied or PUR glued theirs :smiley:

I have had good luck taking them out of the epoxy with side cutters as the epoxy does not bond that well to the nickel coating of the magnets.
Can you try that? Otherwise feel free to drop me a PM and I will be happy to send you some magnets :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll try, will send PM if it doesn’t work. Still think it’s a good option to have them as a spare though, i guess you will move on to other things eventually.

Yes, agree, I will forward that to Jasmin from openfoil

Update: I talked to Jasmin, plase just send him an email, if you need spares. He is happy to help out!

My precious!


You’re gonna love em!!