BREmote - DIY Remote

Hi everybody,
I would like to share the project I have been working on the last few monts:
A fully 3D printed remote for eFoil and eSkate, called the BREmote.

My design philosophy is simple: Only basic features, reliable, open source, as little external parts as possible, and the parts that can’t be 3D printed should be easily obtainable and affordable.
At 10pcs. each, the remote costs around 35$/€ (excluding the 3D printed parts)


  • All mechanical parts 3D printed (even the springs)
  • Symmetric design - left & right side can be swapped
  • Sustainable - All external parts can be replaced
  • Open Source: 3D Models, Electronics and Software are GPL3.0
  • 2.4GHz Link (range dependant on antenna type, position)
  • Communication with VESC via UART / CAN
  • Low battery alarm (vibration)
  • Water ingress alarm integrated in receiver
  • Fall-off detection (not yet implemented)
  • Gears / Power Levels / Cruise Control
  • Charging and Programming via USB



Q: Can I use some form of cruise control with the remote?
A: Yes, with the 2-way button on the opposite site of the trigger, the user can select 10 increments, limiting the throttle signal to from 10% to 100% while keeping the throttle fully pressed. This allows for easy riding at a constant speed.

Q: The code being open source, if I modify it, will I be able to download the modified sw on the remote easily?
A: Yes, the connector at the bottom of the remote complies with USB standard. Charging as well as updating firmware via Arduino IDE is as easy as plugging the USB cable into your PC.



  • Share mechanical, electrical and SW files
    To be clear: I don’t want so sell anyting to anyone. Neiteher by myself nor to/via a “big” manufacturer. The only reason why the files are not online yet, is, that I want to do some more testing,verifying and documenting before I release them. This is to make sure everybody building this has a good time without problems.

04 Feb 2023:

  • Share project on

Nov 2022 - Jan 2023:

  • Design of Mechanics, Schematics, Layout
  • Ordering 10 parts each
  • Create YT Videos
  • Betatesting by myself and 5 people from eFoil group

Promo Video:


A few images of the remote:


Nice development! I’ll try one if you need testers.
I have done some wired remote designs for myself and i own a 3d printer so i’ll be able to contribute at least with some fine tuning if you need it.
I think the code and communication integrity and safety around that is the key to any remote so hope you got that covered, guess it is if you’re a SW engineer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Well, first of all I, am a HW engineer.
I puto effort into writing the SW, but it may not be perfect (yet).
I use the NRF24 wireless modules, together with the Arduino library. This handles CRC already. Each NRF module can be given a 5-byte adress for not interfering with other riders at the same time. There is packet loss monitoring already as well as basic sanity checking of the received information in the SW already.


This is excellent. Thanks so much for sharing!

Hi Everybody,

Today is the day! :partying_face:
Here you can find the official Github with all files for the BREmote

It is now in a state that I am comfortable with sharing.
Please note: There may still be bugs! Some of the features and parts of the circuit are not 100% tested yet!
If you have any problems, please have a close look at the Readme-Files located e.g. in Mechanics and Source folders! Also, have a good look at the build video.
If those don’t help you, or you have another problem, open an issue on Github, while following the template as good as possible.



2023-03-12: [Release V1.3]

2023-03-20: [Electronics - Rx]

  • Added components to make Water Ingress Detection (Wetness Sensor) more resitant to electromagnetic disturbance

2023-03-20: [Source]

  • Added BMS monitoring function
  • Fixed Water Ingress Detection (Wetness Sensor) functionality

2023-03-12: [Release V1.2]

2023-03-12: [Source]

  • Added more information, which Board and Processor to select for programming with Arduino IDE
  • Renamed Source Files to not contain Version anymore
  • Added Water Ingress Detection (Wetness Sensor) functionality

2023-03-07: [Release V1.1]

2023-03-04: [Electronics - Tx]

  • Made Board 1mm smaller (each 0.5mm from top/bottom)
  • Therefore shifted SPI vias and some other traces, changed style of motor pinheaders

2023-03-04: [Source]

  • Found a error which depleated the battery in standby mode.
  • Changed System.ino : disablePower() routine

2023-01-20: [Mechanics]

  • Added Trigger Opitions with -15 and -30°
  • Made Selector Rotator and Selector Spring thinner
  • Updated “AllTheSmallThings”

2022-12-30: [Mechanics]

  • Added Trigger spring with 1mm thickness (before: 1.2mm could lead to spring not being able to “roll in” all the way)

2022-12-02: [Electronics - Rx]

  • Added protection diode to BMS measurement

2022-11-06: [Electronics - Tx]

  • Better GND Connection for NRF Module
  • Corrected Battery Polarity in whiteprint
  • Added Diode to VREF
  • Changed Reset to SMD Pad

Yeeey!! Thanks for your efforts! I’ll start building it in the next couple of days.

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