Build from Moscow!

Hi!I apologize for my English,I write through the online translator.After studying your experience, my friend and I also decided to join you and start our project!Engine 56114, gearbox from the starter Lada Niva, the idea of ArtemkaMax.Gear shaft modified.The propeller is mounted on the gear shaft,without the second shaft.Since the body is collapsible, the diameter is more than 68 mm. the engine control Unit and the remote do themselves.Spring is coming!We must hurryUploading: image.jpeg... Uploading: image.jpeg(1)… Uploading: image.jpeg(5)… Uploading: image.jpeg(6)… Uploading: image.jpeg(7)… Uploading: image.jpeg(8)… Uploading: image.jpeg(9)… Uploading: image.jpeg(10)… Uploading: image.jpeg(10)… Uploading: image.jpeg(10)…

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Looks like you’ll get good heat reduction with that gear the way it’s designed!

Yes, we think so too.

The prototype console is almost ready!While I was calculating and manufacturing the mechanical part, my friend is developing and making the electronic part of the project.Double quick!


Оцени Классно что сделано из алюминия. Я свой следующий хочу сделать тоже из алюминия

Yes,even for the lubrication of the think use a gear oil that will also contribute to the cooling.

For final Assembly left to cut the splines on the motor shaft under the main gear.Try today.

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I forgot to write what turned out price.Starter reducer 10€, bearings seals o-rings 12€, aluminum rod d16t 70x400 16€, pipe 70x3 6€, turning work 70€.Total: 116€.I think it’s a good price!


Hi! We want to try two propellers in operation, the one that Pacificmeister offers, and this one. We ordered, we have to come one of these days.

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Thank you for useful information.We will work on fine-tuning later.At the first stage we need to understand how our gearbox will work under load.Which propeller would you recommend?

I cut the slots, the gear sits on the shaft!


Nice work! What did you cut the slots with?

engraver dremel.But better to find a different mounting method.

Would it not have been easier to bore out the centre of the pinion and thin down the motor shaft a bit, and then use loctite?

Do you know which was the Lada Niva version where you found the starter? maybe model and/or manufacturing date. Do you have cad files for the parts? It’s very cool & robust solution

Yes, this option is also probably possible to use!

These starters with a planetary reducer are all models of Lada.There are even Bosch starters.

This is what we,the Russian production company "Kzate"metal new sample.It cost us 10€.But I would have waited for it to be tested under load before talking about its cad files yet.