Build from Podolsk,Russia

Hello everyone
Im planning to build efoil to ride this summer
i have bought flipsky 65161 100kv motor w 7inch splined propeller ,remote and FSESC75200 75v vesc
Im planning to mill the board using penoplex and to buy mast and wing from china.
I have question about battery now.
I can buy ICR 18650 cells LiCoO2 (LCO); 2200Mah
But it has only 1C maximum discharge current.
How to calculate properly will it work or no?
i was thinking about 14s 14p ? am i wrong?
what about the wing and the mast? will it fly?

Yes! These wings will work! I rode them. I recommend it! I can’t say anything about the fuselage and the mast, we only bought wings. Here they are in the photo!

14P x 2.2 x 1c= 30.8A
2200mAH is (very) low especially at the 1C max discharge rate. Some LCO cells can reach 1.5C disch (for ref purpose, Samsung 30Q disch current is 15A so 15A x14P = 210A)
The LCO cells life cycle is not so good : 300 if discharge at 1 to 1.5 C.

Hello thank you for reply
And what current and voltage characterisrics should we design the battery? 14s voltage is ok and what maximum current needed? Around 60amps or higher?
I understand that i should look for other chemistry that provides higher maximum current output and that is the solution.
And what about the charger? Ive red about dividing the battery in 2 x24v and charging separately and connecting to vesc in series after charging with server power supplies 2s x 12v
In case if the battery will be single, how many amps 48v charger will be?

Hello from Moscow:)
I’m almost on same stage. I’ve already ordered Flipsky kit and this foil from aliexpress.
Now I need to do something with battery. I was thinking about 14s8p. But not sure actually. Don’t have much expirience with it…

Hello efoil builders! Summer is comming so ive started to mill the board. My weight is 80kg
Board volumr 85 litres

Penoplex material is used


I already see how im grabbing this nose and getting out the water


I have ordered this wing+mast+fuselage set.but it seems that 63cm wing is not very wide. Will it be enought to fly with 100kv flipsky motor for up to 100kg rider?

Surface area, profile and speed define the lift. hard to say from a picture but with around 1200cm2 guessed frontwing surface you should be able to get on the foil, if you have enought power. A wing with more span with the same surface area has a bigger aspect ratio, which means it will be more efficient but not nesseraly have more lift. Wings between 800 and 1600cm2 work for edoils, it depends on skill level and preference. The bigger the wing, the easier you get up (lower takeoff speed), but max speed will be lower and it will be less responsive.
For a 100kv motor you just need a propeller with higher pitch, depending on the speed you would like to achieve. 7” on 100kv equals more or less to 6” on 120kv.

Thx for reply regarding the lift force. And the last part of board volume is comming

I used that complete foil assembly on my 1st/2nd build. Lots of the guys did. I weight 200 pounds. I was running the 8100 motor. It should work for you.

Thx Mac
And here comes my board)


I have this wing as well: It works, but is very inefficient and characteristics are rather sluggish. I changed to a Gong wing which uses the same mast profile but different fuselage and its magnitudes better - and does not cost more.
Not sure about shipping to your country, but definitely worth a look…
This one for example is good for learning and relatively inexpensive:
Gong allvator rise - google it, I did not want to post product lnks here…

Here is my first composite part, for buggy, first time working with composite materials. I’m happy with the result

Wet coating, 2 layers 300gsm+400gsm and lots of bubbles)


I also switched to the GONG Regular M foil on my Build #3. I also liked it better. On my next e-foil I am considering the GONG M pro.

Hello foil builders. Here comes the wing!
It’s heavier then I expected. First time I hold the carbon parts in my hands. Looks cool

The mast is 90cm and seems very high, I’m already afraid to fall)

Hello, next step is wet coating the board. I ve ordered carbon fiber and it was lost during shipping, I have bought epoxy resin and fiberglass for first two layers. Will try to laminate. And I have designed the assymetrical water inlet combined with motor holder


Just beware that there is a consensus around a maximum diameter of 5-6mm water inlet because above that it will generate a perceivable drag and will be subject to clogging… algae, debris, …

Credit @F16model
201115 FFlow F16model 01

2011 f16model FFlow design comment

2009g F16Model done

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Got you, looks nice. Please share cad model if possible. Looks like I’ve spent half a day designing complicated thing in a wrong way