Build from Salzburg (Austria)

Hi all,
I want to share my build with you guys.
I have started in September last year with design work and finished the final build these days. I read a lot in this forum and it inspired me. Thank you all therefore.

Final build


Final build

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Riding the final build

Board Build


Thrust unit


Finally assembled


Nice build! What kind of gearbox did you use, and how did you make the board?

Great job!

Your efoil looks like build from a company, Respect!!!

Please share more details with us.
Did you use e Remote Controller?

Greetings from your neighborhood, Robert

Hello Rienk,
I have used a Neugart Ple40 i=5 gearbox.
The board core is cnc cutted and hand grinded with a few alumnium inserts. glas fiber mat, epoxy + vacuum.
Br, Alex

Hi Robert,
Thank you.
Yes, I use a water proven remote Controller.
The wire which you see in the riding the final build picture is just a saftey feature. If you fall of the board and pull the wire everything shuts off.


hallo Alex,

villeicht passt es mal und leute aus oö und Salzburg treffen ab mitte August sich an einem see? ich komme aus schärding. hast du eine vorschlag wo es passen würde und man paar runden fahren kann?! wir haben das selbe xps verwendet :slight_smile: hier paar bilder von meinem projekt: klein|690x460

beste grüsse



wieder eine tolle Arbeit

Hi nacho, could you share info about your battery compartment? What kind of sealing do you use? Currently I’m working with a waterproof box but I want to make something simular.

Hello Rienk,
I used a O-Ring Ø5 for sealing. It is guided in a plastic CNC cutted part. The cover is made out of Aluminium sheet metal with ribs to increse the stiffness.
Best regards,

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one section cut for you.

Thank you, looks good!

How much does the aluminium lid weigh?

im also from austria (salzburg) Zell am see. Mein foil wird in den nächsten tagen fertig sein. Willst du mal gemeinsam foilen gehen?

MFG Felix

Hallo Felix,
sehr gern. Meld dich wenn du soweit bist.
Lg Alex

Honestly I don’t know. I can check tomorrow. :grin: