Build from Slovenia - DejanB

Hi E-foilers,

I have been following topics on this forum for quite some time, with thought of building e-foil myself.
Just recently I started designing board → here is what I got so far:

So idea is to make most of the board from EPS, only hatch and part of bottom from plywood.
Also bottom part would get 4mm thick alu plate to which I would attach alu box on the inside.
Alu box would house ESC and receiver (external antenna), filled with transformer oil, for better heat dissipation. Hopefully alu box + bottom alu plate would provide enough cooling for ESC.
Bottom plywood + alu plate would also provide easy and secure mounting for foil.
Of course board would be fiber-glassed.

Board dimension: ~1600x700x120 mm

Possible setup so far:

  • Motor: one of the 65161 motors or maybe FR.
  • ESC: vesc clone 75200/75300
  • Battery: probably 12s8p 21700
  • Foil: probably Gong X-over or Curve
  • Battery case
  • Alu box
  • Latch: one possible option → latch
  • Remote
  • Prop: FR or Flite

More to follow…

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Hello Dejan,

I am from Slovenia too and I am making my efoil too! Well I can suggest you to mybe think about Flipsky VX3 remote instead of the alixpress one. Price is the same!

Where are you foiling in Slovenia?

Lake Bled, lake Zbilje…


Lake Bled is possible? I thought it is forbidden.?

No, Its legal to ride there! This is recored on lake Bled DIY Electric Hydrofoil Test - YouTube

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Found this VESC on Aliexpress → link
Looks pretty much the same as Flipsky, at least mosfets are of the same brand…
Anyone used it?

No, but some more information here:


Some progres on my end :slightly_smiling_face:

Started shaping the board. My first intention was to make a 3d model and use one of local CNC companies to mill it for me. But in the end I decided to shape it by myself using hot wire and “muscle strength” :laughing:.

XPS foam, roughly sanded:

Also created a waterproof AS150 connector by joining a cheap waterproof connector [link] with AS150 connector. Some 3d printed parts needed to make it work. If interested I can share files.


As150 is good but I suggest you test the connector for water ingress. IP65 is not really waterproof and I couldn‘t see a seal ring on the pictures of the connector. If water gets into the connector you will get corrosion of the copper and the solder joint. At high currents it will heat up and melt the case of the connector. Happened to me (in freshwater use).

These work with as150 but you can‘t directly mount one side to a surface:
US $2.94 39% Off | 2Pcs Outdoor IP68 Waterproof Junction Box Cable Connector 3 Pin Electrical Wire Connector Terminal Block Sealed Retardant Plug
You need to drill out the center piece.

There’s a seal inside that should take care of waterproofness. Will upload pic later.
But it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to do some additional tests :blush:.

I created these because of simplicity: snap on VS screw on.
And being AS150 these are also anti-spark.

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ip68 waterproof 100A, isn’t it better to use this? There are electric hydrofoil factories that have been producing 45A for two years without any problems

There are few differences that matter → at least to me :blush:

  1. Simplicity of connecting:
    Weipu connector looks to be screw on
    Mine is a snap on
  2. Anti-spark
    Judging by picture, Weipu connector is not anti-spark.
    There’s a AS150 connector inside mine so it should provide anti-spark.
  3. Exchanging terminals
    Possibility to exchange only terminal part of AS150 connector. But I guess if something goes wrong with terminal then whole connector will be faulty…

Here’s picture of disassembled connector with visible seal:


I think these are great! Snap in is far better than the screw on.

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Im from croatia.
I and my two friends are mainly foil on small lake near zagreb.
If you are interested we could do some group foiling.
We could come to bled or you could visit zagreb.


great to hear that we are neighbours :slight_smile: and I think thats a great idea. There are few people from Slovenia like @flytomaz tomaz building too, so could set up a little meeting… but first I have to finish my build (may take a month or two)


Glad to hear thare is so many of you.
Yes that would be great.
Balkan efoil meeting😆.
I also neeer visited bled so that would be nice to.
Ok, we have whole summer, can you finish it unthill the end of it?

Yea of course, plan is to finish it till the end of june. I have all the componencts and all the electronisc, so I just need to find time for lamination of the board and battery case from mould.


Ohh great.
I remember doing my own.
Laminating board is not problem.
It is done quick, but after laminating, al that sanding and filling little bubbles and sanding agin, that is big job.
Will you do vacume bagging or?

Yes, plan is to use most carbon fibre 200g twill on board and on the parts like hatch top will be used fiberglass for signal penetration. I plan on using vacume bag, than sanding and using kit to fill holes. The issue that takes most of my time is cad modelling all the inserts in the right place as well as for foil mount and for latches and holders…