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Hi E-foilers,

I have been following topics on this forum for quite some time, with thought of building e-foil myself.
Just recently I started designing board → here is what I got so far:

So idea is to make most of the board from EPS, only hatch and part of bottom from plywood.
Also bottom part would get 4mm thick alu plate to which I would attach alu box on the inside.
Alu box would house ESC and receiver (external antenna), filled with transformer oil, for better heat dissipation. Hopefully alu box + bottom alu plate would provide enough cooling for ESC.
Bottom plywood + alu plate would also provide easy and secure mounting for foil.
Of course board would be fiber-glassed.

Board dimension: ~1600x700x120 mm

Possible setup so far:

  • Motor: one of the 65161 motors or maybe FR.
  • ESC: vesc clone 75200/75300
  • Battery: probably 12s8p 21700
  • Foil: probably Gong X-over or Curve
  • Battery case
  • Alu box
  • Latch: one possible option → latch
  • Remote
  • Prop: FR or Flite

More to follow…

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Hello Dejan,

I am from Slovenia too and I am making my efoil too! Well I can suggest you to mybe think about Flipsky VX3 remote instead of the alixpress one. Price is the same!

Where are you foiling in Slovenia?

Lake Bled, lake Zbilje…

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Lake Bled is possible? I thought it is forbidden.?

No, Its legal to ride there! This is recored on lake Bled DIY Electric Hydrofoil Test - YouTube

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Found this VESC on Aliexpress → link
Looks pretty much the same as Flipsky, at least mosfets are of the same brand…
Anyone used it?

No, but some more information here: