Building a Board from Scratch?

To those who have created their own board, what materials did you use, and how did you do it?

All of us aspiring builders appreciate any information you can provide!

Haven’t build my board yet, but i’ve read many people’s posts about it…
Most of the people use insulation foam blocks (eps or xps) glued together and shaped by a cnc machine or by hand with rasps, hot wire cutter,etc.
Then they put fiberglass or carbon fibre on it with a wet layup technique.
For mor information about surfboard building i recommend you check out the fiberglass florida channel on youtube or the Andrew w channel
I hope this helps

Thank you, I’ll make sure to check those out. For the posts you’ve read, what dimensions have you seen/what size do you plan on making your board?

If you are in the states check out green light surf supply , I use them for building my boards

I plan on making my board about 1500mm x 700mm x 175mm approx.
It depends on how experienced you are…
I’m a total beginner with surfing so i’m making a large displacement board…
About 700mm wide by 150mm deep is the standard the length changes to less than half of this even…

Thank you, I’m a beginner as well, so I’ll probably model my board with dimensions close to yours.

I’m in the process of building my board which finished dimensions will be about 1500x660x150. I used XPS foam. A way for rough shaping that I have not seen anyone on here really do is use a projector to show a model of your board, or one you would like to imitate and then trace it onto the board. That ensures a symmetrical shape. It is easier to do than printing our large templates. I started my learning process by making a wakesurfing board. I would highly recommend building something more normal/simple first, so you can get some of the mistakes over with. I ended up restarting half way through my first surf board. I messed it up beyond repair. I feel more confident now about the foil board now.

I think I will use my schools CNC machine to cut the foam, that would take away the need for tracing, and would ensure that everything is symmetrical. I will probably model my board after the build made by Max Maker, but possibly using different dimensions.