Carafino Foil for efoil

I have the opportunity to buy this foil. Will it be suitable for an Efoil?
Thank you

Please take my words with caution since i’m new to efoiling and don’t have a history of surfing - this might just be a very nice foil but it looks short and fat, i’d guess probably a good foil for the first riding if you don’t already surf.

What has it been used for, what weight rider and what skill level? How much is it?

Not knowing what it is i’d think that anything more than 200eur and i would pass and get a gong foil kit instead. These have a nice price/quality ratio and might be upgraded with new wings as you progress and the Carafino seems like an old design and it might not be possible to upgrade it.

It is best if the mast is hollow to fit motor wires. Cables can be routed outside of mast but it won’t be as clean.

Thanks for your quick reply. It’s £100 pounds (117 euros). I’m totally new to this but inspired by the whole concept and forum. I’ve never used a foil before. I’m starting to get things together for my first build.

that is Old School…the original commercial produced foil from back in early 2000s, designed for tow in surf foil and then used for kiting. I am all for MacGyver’ing low cost set ups, but you will find it massive challenging in every way and I wouldn’t recommend it even if cheap. With no foil experience, you will find it difficult to determine what is due to learning foiling vs gear that doesn’t work. Better to buy one of the early generation surf alum foils, lots of them around cheap…slingshot, neil pryde, gong, etc.

Thanks for the great advice guys, it’s greatly appreciated to a newbie. Any thoughts on this one?|parentrq%3Ae843b05b1810acfbbaf560dbfff520f4|iid%3A1

the takuma v100 was one of the original surf foils, I got one of the ali knock offs cheap. It didn’t work very well, I sold it off and upgraded. That front wing looks a lot like it. I don’t know the brand, but there’s China manufacturers that mass produce cheap foils, you buy 100 they will put your finishing and branding on it. My suggestion is to stick with one of the known brand names, if you are new to foiling, saving a few extra $ will cost you longer term. Disclaimer: this advice is for non-efoils…maybe with efoils the added power means the design problems make less difference…this is the case for kite foiling, as really crappy foils can work with an abundant external power source. I expect something higher aspect (more glider ish) and lower profile (thinner) would be more efficient for efoils.

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RL has reasonably priced wings, contact René via email to get a diys price. The 1600 and 1150 wings work well for me, the 1600 is good to learn.
New RL efoil wing
Gong also has a wide variety of wings suited for efoils.