Challenge to myself - Fully 3D printed pumping board, no fiberglass or carbon layup

I don’t quite understand the meaning of this idea. Pumping is a direct transfer of energy to the foil. Why waste your energy on elastic deformation of plastic?

It’s a challenge, does not mean it should compete with a cfk board, but get as close as possible to a usable board, with a physical challenge also for me to beat 1 minutes pump foiling it.

Latest score on this board was 50 seconds, getting there.

I made drain holes in the board, it is filling up during swim back to the dock but getting empty quick.

Core for layup version is not going how I like, lots of wasted filament. I would like to know if it is the formfutura appolox making the difference, or my home printer…

1/8 done,

because it could lead to some breakthrough - literally and scientifically…and its a great trainer for Bzhwindtalker’s mad pumping skillz. :crazy_face:


The state of the project has not yet evolved :cry:

I will end up cncing the blank from XPS I think.


Made some progress. Still some warping but nothing that would prevent me from doing the layup.
Fresh Roll of asa, 100w heater bulb and enclosure fan.

550g for half the board with dowels.
Waiting for the Peel ply.


Ditched the 3d printed core Idea and went for hand shaped XPS.


3D printing has its place. I sometimes do the rails with a 3D printer as then they are pre-shaped and just bonded to the XPS making life super easy.


The usbox were printed out of cf-pla After a few failed atempt in ASA.