Chinese carbon mast vs Gong fuselage

Wondering if any way to smart cheating a chinese carbon mast (2 screws) through Gong fuselage (3 screws). My thoughts are:

  • Tweak a Gong fuselage by modifying it
  • Build an intermediary part between both
  • ?

    Why I’m thinking about it? I’m a Gong addict and i’d like to get benefits from my Gong foil. Gong foil will bring more abilities to tight turn, more stability, maybe better autonomy…
    Any idea or equivalent experience?

More or less the same question here. You either buy a 69€ mast from Gong, or find a Fablab CNC nearby or send your diagram to a online CNC shop like Shapeways…

How are you going to solve the wire issue in a non hollow mast ?
Nice new toy on your FB page. How is your electrical box ?

Thanks for the existing thread!
My carbon mast includes a molded clamp then I have to keep it anyway and that’s why I’m looking to work around the Gong fuselage.

The hatch of this efoil has 2 compartments:

Thanks Matt, it looks like a commercial eFoil. Is that the Waviator (Hisun) product which could explain why you would like to swap the plane ? Don’t hesitate to post more pictures with details: mast plate, ESC reference and cooling system, battery, remote, motor… :slightly_smiling_face:

Btw: have you read the news ? Gong have just launched a “Pro” surf wing series, a bit smaller but much thinner for higher max speeds ?

Yes, it’s a Hisun one. I will post a dedicated thread when my position as French importer will be clearer.
Some improvements and tests to do first to be market ready

Please do, I’ve been considering a Hisun board but the dealer is too far away for me to drive there for testing. Would love to hear about any experience people have with them. Also, I’m a little worried about the lack of a throttle trigger since the motor won’t automatically stop as soon as you fall.

At this point our summer is basically over so I figure I might as well wait until next year and see if anything new is released.

Another way is too modify this fuselage (also sold by Gong)
Maybe easier but can i use composite to modifiy aluminium part?