Complete Geared Motors

Hi Guys,

I’ve got a few geared motors to sell. The first 5 have a prop and aluminium duct. The last few are the motor, with no duct or propeller.

The built in mast clamp works with Slingshot, Gong aluminium, Takuma and the clones of these mast profiles. The motor is lubricated for life with the gearbox submerged in oil, the motor side of the pod runs dry. I have tested it up to 16S with a 1500cm2 slingshot Fsurf foil and got a speed of ~53kmh at around 7kw. 12S will get 40kmh with the duct and 44kmh without the duct. The motor is good for hundreds of hours of high performance operation without needing any maintenance. There is 1.8m of 8AWG silicone wire exiting the motor (much longer than needed).

All CAD files for motor components and hardware available for download: Fusion

Animation of design: Motor v3.0 assembly v11.mp4 - Google Drive

Video with power data - no duct and Slingshot Fsurf 76 wing:

The aluminium duct resonates at certain speeds, it may annoy some people, to eliminate this I recommend using this duct. 3D print it at 100% infill and add a layer of fibreglass to the struts (4 or 6 oz is good).

Duct: Fusion

This is a duct I never tried, it should enable sharper turns: Fusion

$1100 usd + shipping with duct & propeller

$950usd + shipping without duct & propeller

PM me for a shipping quote - first 5 are ready to go now. Shipping should be with with DHL or UPS depending on location.

Also, if you want all the components to build it up yourself or a PLE040 5:1 gearbox PM me as I’ve got a couple spares. If you have any questions comment below! I also have some spare brand new maytech v2 remotes - $110usd each. I have had a change of plans and therefore I am selling these motors at pretty much cost price of materials, give or take. There is no warranty offered for this reason and also due to the nature of DIY builds. The motor will not disappoint, it has great power, flawless reliability and is easy to open up to replace seals or bearings which may be the first components to wear out years ahead.

**In the current motors there is no cir-clip between the bearings and seals, there is instead a spacer ring.



Actually, I’ll take all five if they are still available.

I have been riding using one of @jakebarnhill1 Motor pods for over a year now. I can confirm that on 12S I have reached speeds of just over 40 kmh. With a 37.5 ah battery I usually cover 20 to 23 km depending on how fast I ride.
As Jake stated the aluminum prop guard does resonate some sound, however I have recently printed the original prop guard in carbon infused nylon which has made the system almost silent.
I can not recommend this system highly enough for its performance and reliabilty.
Jake has not asked me to post this. I just wanted to share my experience with this system.

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Two motors with duct and prop shipped. Still more to go!

what motor controller works best with this motor?

Most common efoil ESC’s work with this motor. I have used the Flier 400A 22S boat and VESC 75/300 myself, both work well.

The Flipsky VESC would be a good choice too.

Do you still have for sale?

There are still some left!

Any more stock left?

Hi, yes there are still a few. Doing them for 800 usd + shipping now. Send me a PM if you’re interested.

Hi Jake,

Completely new to this forum, was directed here by Pono. I’m interested in buying one of the remaining units. Don’t see the PM Info. Please PM me instead.



Hey Jake, how do you seal the motor from the gearbox? You have a shaft seal on the motor shaft between motor and ple? Did you ever try to fully fill it, always wondered if it would create issue with the high speed of the SSS

I didn’t use a lip seal on motor shaft, the PLE is sealed at the mounting flange to retain the oil.

Filling the whole motor works well too, I didn’t go with this option because oil can work it’s way up the wires in some positions and there is slightly more drag at high rpm.

So the oil is outside, arround the gearbox not inside?

I cut a slot in the gearbox where the outer ring gear assembly meets the rear alu flange. The oil in the rear section does then enter and lubricate the gearbox.

I see, that’s smart man. If you have the chance post a pic where exactly you cut the slot. What type of oil do you use, just mineral oil?

I use automatic transmission fluid, mineral oil would do the trick too. Any oil is far better than relying on the factory grease to lubricate the gears!

Nice one cheers. Gona do the same. Waiting for parts for the 56123 500kv PLE 3:1…

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Hi Jake,

Do you still have any of these available?