Computer Engineering Team Build @ Santa Clara University

Do you think Flipsky (200A) or Trampa (300A) would deliver a replacement faster to Santa Clara, CA, USA?

@pacificmeister It’s pretty sturdy boxes won’t go anywhere and can lift the entire board by the strap. It is able to get very tight by pulling hard on the excess strap which compresses the foam. It is auto-locking belt for 700lbs. I am quite impressed by it given the sleek form factor. Can’t say I don’t like the matching orange silicon pad either!

Looks great! Location should be perfect now.

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Next I will work on the waterproof electrical connectors and cable management.

I don’t know if it makes a big difference, but I fly the back wing the other way around. Also the fuselage seems much shorter than mine… It may make it a bit more challenging to maintain height.

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Here is the VESC enclosure prior to sealing. I sprayed corrisionX HD on both PCB’s. Testing with @pacificmeister went very well today. More pictures and videos to come!

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Despite no cooling system the aluminum box did a nice job acting as a heat sink. Battery current was limited to 60A.

A pre-flight inspection courtesy of Franz.


Do you have a face that is more round than the other one ? Normally, the intrados (should be the top face for a stab) is flatter, the extrados (bottom face) is rounder. Both setups work with their dedicated angle, case 2 offers more lift surface so an earlier take-off + lower drag (allows smaller front wing-motor-battery) but a lower top speed.

Standard and Tandem wing setups

I did not know, but Slingshot has two rear wing sizes. The smaller one is mounted on top, the bigger one is mounted on the underside. It is explained in this video:

The test day with @pacificmeister was a great success! Tune in tomorrow at 2:15pm PST to watch a stream of our 30 minute presentation along with a live Q&A session.

Thank you to everyone who made an account and contributed to this forum as I probably read at least one of your posts preparing for this project.



Congratulations Peter! Fantastic success on your first test run. And your first foiling ever too. I am looking forward to the presentation today.

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Did you finish the data presentation side of this project ? Which kind of questions can you expect from your examiners ?

Hey Peter, any vids of you riding ? Logs ? You said one of your main goal was to log the data to analyse them later :slight_smile:

Replying out of respect but all these questions can be answered by watching the presentation :slight_smile:

I will add the results here later but am withholding them for now to encourage people to tune in.

I definitely want to but it’s midnight here in belgium :slight_smile:


Congrats with your build & first flight ! Looks like you had lot of fun too !
What’s your next step with your build. Does it belong to the university or are you going to ride it anyway ? are you going to analyze the logs and try to change components / parameters based on the logged values ?


I checked with my advisor and he did not think there would be any issues with my plans to continue to iterate on the design. The design improvements will be guided by log analysis as you mentioned.

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