Connect the cables

I have a question, what is the best way to connect the motor to the esc and to connect the 3 cables from the esc hi200 (xt60) to the battery. Should I use anti-spark connectors? Maybe you can recommend some specific connectors. Maybe someone can share some examples of their implementation.

For the motor to the ESC, I would use some bullet connectors mine came with the motor itself. If you need a waterproof solution I would go for some SurLok’s the 120A type.

For the ESC input, I used some cable lugs and fitted all 3 negatives in one lug, and did the same for the positives. If you have the space you could go for a lug on each cable. With the lugs, you can make a good and decent connection to your fuse busbar or switch. If you need some more length of cable just continue with the 6x10AWG on the 3 XT60’s and later on switch to the cable lugs.

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Do you think that for a better seal between the mast (gong) it is better to cut off the original clamps and tighten them again or try to squeeze them all the way through?

Between ESC and motor

Between battery and motor I removed all the XT90 (Flipsky 200A) and I crimped all together