Corrosionx Flipsky 65122 + 65161

I made a litte tool, ist was very easy to open the motor. The rotor stays in the bearing on the bottom.


Goodbye silicone cables, hello water leaking in…

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You are sure?
I did it with the 65121
Would you prefer to do nothing, or to use another oil?

Mineral oil works nicely. Got it from a local pharmacy.

I tried corrosion inhibitor as well. Don’t do it :slight_smile:

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OKAY, so i should darin it, and fill with sewing machine mineral oil?

I just got some mineral oil from a pharmacy. Yeah, drain it, flush it a few times with mineral oil, and then leave the appropriate amount in. I used about 80ml iirc.

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Or use silicone oil…works great as well…

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Thank you for the information about silicone oil.
I can get it from 100 - 500.000 cst (centi Stokes)
Water has 1 cst, so i think 100 cst are ok?

Generally silicone grease/oil is not recommended to be used with silicone seals and silicone rubber because it can cause swelling and chemical breakdown of the material. Not sure how that applies to silicone wires, but I’d hesitate to be the first to try it. Mineral oil is proven to work great, and some of the eFoil companies also use it. Maybe I am a bit paranoid about this since I already destroyed a set of motor phase wires.


You are right, mineral oil is best. There’s a good reason Shimano use it in all their hydraulic brakes for bicycles!

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Do you know what type shimano uses?

I assume its a pretty standard one, but they add a red dye to it.

Still without problems, “crc 6-66” and “wuerth corrosion”…2nd year

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It drain till tomorrow, after this i fill with mineral oil.
Into the corossionx i put a silicone cable and we look in about 6 months what happned.

Some heat will accelerate your aging experiment

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So this is the first I see quality minds say avoid corrosion X use inside the motor. Instead we should use mineral oil.


For testing, 2 silicon cable are in corrosionx.
We look what happes in 6 months.


I thought this was already proven here?

Anyway, reactivity in many reactions double with an increase of 10 deg C, you might shorten the test to 34h at 100 degrees. Or (an example) to half a year on top of your home water heater if it’s at 30 deg C (if you cannot heat it to 100 deg C)

(Patience is a virtue, i know…)

How is it looking after 6 months?


the cable in the corrosinx, after the 6 months,

is thicker, but not softer.

i filled my motor with mineral oil, hope it’s better

regards Max