Custom mast ideas

I’m thinking of getting a custom E-Foil mast made in Aluminium.

What would you guys consider the perfect mast? or what’s the closest to perfect that’s available at the moment?

I’m just talking about the profile, hole positions, size, length…
Do you think anodizing or just painted, maybe powder coating?

Here’s a gong mast I molded, can’t make it downloadable because I’m working with fusion 360, but I do have the step file if you want it just send me a DM.

Gong Mast

Reinventing the wheel… There are already quite a few suitable masts around…

Gong announced their new Aluminium mast last week.
The cord went from 110mm to 130mm and thickness from 14mm to 17mm.
It is meant to be more stiff than before.
I’m considering buying one and testing it out with one of my 2 efoils.

The new mast would be great for efoils if it’s still cheap.

That does sound promising, hope it will be available soon.

Not yet on sale but already out of stock…:rage:

To be fair a much better mast is the Axis 16mm. It is fantastic for an efoil. Probably the best option there is.

Which mast did you try so far ?

I have old gong, slingshot and Axis 16mm

@Jezza And you like the Axis the best out of the 3?

I kind of like this idea as well from
But dont like the idea of drilling into carbon and having the edge exposed to moisture ingress.

The axis mast is solid. By far the best mast with the perfect slot for wiring and cooling.

What do you guys think of this profile?
2.5kg for 90cm, I can probably get it lighter tho.

There is no drilling into carbon. The ends of the mast are aluminum with stainless steel helicoils. I’ve sold over 100 masts over the last 3 years, and never had a structural failure or water ingress. And it weighs 1.25kg.

Foil surfers prefer the 119x19 chord at low speed
Kitefoilers and efoilers the 16mm probably because drag is more noticeable at higher speed. 'Axis Foils

To measure the differences, this is another possible mission for a stepped rpm cruise control remote :wink: bellow and above 25kmph.